Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bone Broth: The Down-Low and Recipe

Anytime I have heard talk of bone broth or stock, or even read about it, I instantly imagine Old Mother Hubbard.  One of the nursery rhyme books had a picture of her, with a spunky brown dog, peering into the pantry.  Now that I read the rhyme, it's not even about making food! It's about getting the dog a bone.  Funny how childhood memories can be skewed in connections.

But look at this photo! Clearly, my visual memory is still flying a full capacity!

My point is: recently I purchased the bones of local, grass-fed cattle at .50 per pound? Yes! Please! Thank you!

Then, I came home, threw the bones into the freezer and went about my week.

Only a week or so later did I work-up the courage to make my second batch (ever) of bone stock.

For some reason, I found this a daunting task, like mopping.  It's so silly, I know.  I get caught-up in feeling like I accomplish "nothing" around our house.  But I really do so much.

Disclaimer: I am NOT the house that not matter when you stop by, somehow the house is immaculately clean, a candle is burning, the throw pillows are actually on the sofa, etc.  I'm talking about accomplishing nourishing hot meals, healthy snacks, breastfeeding every two or three hours (sometimes still for 30 minute intervals!!), washing dishes, keeping abreast (sometimes) on laundry, providing clean cloth diapers, reading stories to the kiddos, singing songs, outdoors play, etc.  

AGAIN! I'm always going off on tangents.  Ok, so I read over this article at Paleo Diet Lifestyle and then got to stockin' the next morning.

If you have a crock pot this is so feasible and easy.  If you don't I'm sure it would be easy but you might have to stay home for a day.  Or maybe you are brave and leave the stove top on, idk.  Or maybe you even have (I'm gasping in awe...teenagers that you can leave home to watch the stove-top! How dreamy, from the land of babies!)  Do what works!

In order to make stock with using perfectly awesome edible veggies, here is a very frugal tip: save the onion ends and skins, the carrot tops and bottoms, etc. when you chop veggies.  Auntie Leila also says you can throw in cheese rind.  This saves from throwing perfectly delicious veggies into the stock.

(Old post! Not all info (i.e. breastfeeding every 2-3 hours) doesn't apply anymore!)


  1. Thanks for the link! I've got chicken bone broth mastered but the few times I've made beef bone broth it's been gross. But I have soup bones sitting in my freezer and really want to put them to good use.

    1. Oh I'm so glad this was useful! Not even kidding - my second child would drink straight beef bone broth in a sippy cup, starting at 4.5-5 months old. Crazy! I know your girls are much older than that, but maybe keep in mind for future littles?

  2. Ooh, I've been wanting to do this! Soon as I can handle the smell of meat again, I'm there. :) Cuz, yum. My Mom has been after me to save that stuff forever, and I'm like, no space. but, I should make space.

    1. Yea! You don't have to do so much at once. You could just do a bone and a few onions ends and a stalk of celery and carrot ends for a few hours on the stove. Freeze in plastic baby food containers (i reuse plastic containers like its my job - i realize this isn't everyone!), or pour into an ice cube tray and then dump into a freezer bag or quart-sized yogurt container. Then when someone is under the weather you can warm just two or three cubes, spoon it to them and not have an entire pot of brother reheated on the the stove! I LOVE the broth cubes.

    2. *broth

      Clearly, we aren't reheating anyone's brother! haha!


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