Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Here. Pregnant. Living Lent.

Freshly harvested heirloom chicory leaves from my garden!

I feel like that title catches all.
Do you?

We are doing very well.

I'm (apparently) quite pregnant.
Or to quote an observer: Well! Don't you look like you swallowed a watermelon!

Lent is in full swing. I just feel like it is so real this year. Had a preterm labor scare - come to find out our eggs were bad (bought at a national chain store, national brand - better believe I was at market bright and early Saturday for local eggs)!!! Just a good ole' case of food poisoning last week. That scare has totally shifted my outlook on my last two 41-week long pregnancies. Thank God for healthy, full-term babies. After last week I will be so grateful for when I hit 37 weeks!

Hoping your Lent is full of depth, learning, reflection and grace.

Please join me in praying for all the men that will be ordained priests this year. Come Lord Jesus, fill their hearts and light their souls on fire for you!

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Lenten Poem {phfr} (and more interesting reads)

our "altar" of sorts - admittedly I stole the black cloth idea from Auntie Leila
I love the red candle. For me it represents the blood of Christ. 
A Lenten Poem
(My phone camera has entered a Picassian Blue Period...c'est la vie.)

Laundry washing.
Clothes on line outside.
Kids playing in mud.
Wearing an apron.
Hanging clothes in closet.
Watching kids through window.
Car seat arrived.
Coffee brewing.
Emerson moving.
Windows open.
God is present.
I am present.
Mold me, O Lord my God.

Sweet little souls playing "ice cream" outside.

funny thing to see how many hangers are unneeded after purging Tyler's wardrobe to build a true wardrobe

more {pretty}
I so look forward to meeting you, little bébé.
34 weeks
sort, wash, dry - no problem
fold, hang, put away - problem

And some interesting reads!

Realistic Idea of Food Budgeting

Pregnancy and PPROM

Blessings to you as you enter Lent!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sweet Siblings

Our amazing children!
Life is so wonderful.
God is so gracious and merciful.
How blessed we are!

Summer 2012

Exploring this new puzzle and following a picture to create a house! 
Princess crown I made with flowers (wilting) from her great-great grandmother's funeral. A special use. :)

Sometimes they just need each other!

Got the book basket, climbed onto sofa and started reading, all on their own.
February 2014

Snacking away!

My 6:30am riser!

Laughing and giggling and hollering at his sister splashing in the mud!
He's tired but enjoying Rita's play!
Before we know it we will be a family of five! Looking forward to sharing our joy and having another baby to bring us together for more memories!