Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dear Sweet St. Therese

I finished the 9th day of the novena & got down on th floor to play with the baby. The phone rang. Our real estate agent. We have an offer on our house. 
Praise you Jesus!
St. Therese, thank you for your abundant love for souls. 
Praised be Jesus Christ!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Rita Says

What can I say? She has a place in her heart for llamas.

:) Three-year olds. Gotta love them.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

{phfr} Autumn Misc.

{pretty} Wood Floors


Tyler and my parents sanded, stained and finished our bedroom floors. 1950s pine. Gorgeous. (And we checked for lead before starting- all clear. )

{VERY happy} 

We've had a long long hiatus from gluten and my bread baking has been tucked away for some time. But then we bought a loaf of bread here and there and of course I was whispering "I can do this. And with about 5000 less ingredients than is listed." So much goodness and not to mention the process is fabulously quieting for me. It's like gardening. I zoom! transport to the part of my brain that is silent. And I love it there. So hopefully I don't eat more than my share and we don't consume an entire loaf in a day, because, prudence…or temperance, I think I mean temperance.

I really need to work on seeing the humor in my life…



Jonah shredded a roll of tp in the bathroom this morning…funny…?

No? Ok.


Ah, conversation.

Conversation with a two and three year old is nothing shy of entertaining.

Me: Rita, here is the yeast for the bread.

Rita: (grabs measuring spoon and pours) Beast! Beast!

Better yet, here is a clip from my Twitter feed:

{real} Food Waste

It really irks me when we waste food. We have a cat and chickens so it doesn't get dumped into the garbage but even still, it's supposed to be humans eating this was breakfast this morning. Not terrible.

More Enlightening Conversation:
Stage: Sitting at breakfast all together
Me: Y'all we are so blessed to have food to eat. Some people have nothing to eat. 
Jo: No way. 
Rita: I wish Whiskey* didn't die on the road. 

And this is a great example of why I treasure conversation. 


*Whiskey was the name of my brother's dog (brindle Mountain Curr and Boxer mix = beautiful sweet dog!) who was wonderful but sadly she ran into the road and was hit and killed. For some reason my brain thought it was acceptable to attempt to explain this to Rita…and it always comes up at the best of times.