Monday, September 15, 2014

Sleep for Free!

Right now Kohl's has pillows for $4.99 each! 
And they are delivering these bad boys to yer mailbox

So run in store,
grab a discount hand sanitizer

Because you have to hit $10 pretax, says my cashier. 

Then do your thang at checkout so your receipt looks like this:

And your savings total this:

Because if your house is like mine, there is usually a pillow that has seen far too much urine and/or vomit despite 100 trips into the washing machine. Gross. BUT i think I feel a few fist-bumps of solidarity. 

So, go girl! Stick it to the man and get you some fresh ZZZZs!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Reverence within Routine

Mornings, no, days require all of my all lately. I catch myself checking-out on the net and starring out the window or at the visual clutter that three kids create in the blink of an eye. My current state is so full of life that I'm often overcome. Sometimes joy, sometimes shock, but overcome. 

I've surprised myself with the I put on my morning and afternoon coffee. 

You see, coffee is a deep part of our Acadian that I'm only just appreciating...

...and while I'm checking out from my kids I do find myself checking in with God. Whispering true simple good prayers of thanksgiving as my hands wrap around my coffee mug. I am finding myself offering my small sacrifices as I sip the once-hot coffee thats just been sitting, waiting. 

It's so very interesting, this reverence that my ritual has brought and I think there will be more on this later. 

But for now, happy weekend!