Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

...and boxes.

Satsumas are here and boy are they delicious!

Boxes! Boxes! 

Ma Ingalls, how ever did you do it? I think the limited space of a wagon was the kicker...that would be, the horse will faint/die/collapse if you being another pot/blanket/toy/(insert thing of choice). That would be good motivation. Alas, borrowed trailers, family, friends all made this possible...allllllll umpteen boxes. 

We are busy and that is good! Unpacking, visiting, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking more, and more. All exciting!

A bit under the weather but so glad the house is sold.

Thank you for your prayers, advice and support! Thanks be to God!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Transition and Stomach Speed Bump

Jonah, don't be shy to get comfortable.

So we made a quick run to Target. And got a $10 giftcard for buying $50 of groceries. Also remedied our garment crisis...mostly! 

While we were waiting to check-out:
J: I wanna go to Dada's football game now!

Are you on Twitter? #packNovember has all the updates as we move! 

As to be expected, we are all slightly in a funk this morning. And today is the last day to do all the things!!!! Because tomorrow we close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Feast of Christ the King!