Thursday, April 18, 2013

Making Stock Frugally

Making homemade stock is a simple task that is so rewarding!

When I first made stock I followed recipes and used entire onions, carrots, etc. and then one day a novel idea whooshed-in from the Holy Spirit and patron saint of cooking...

Save ends, tops, and injured parts of vegetables throughout my day-to-day cooking, so that I don't "waste" precious food on homemade stock.

Onion ends and outer skins, soft celery, celery tops, carrot tops and bottoms, and whatever else is stock worthy gets dumped into a large freezer-safe bag each time I cook.

Then, when I have a chicken carcass or two, or find soup bones at the grocery store, everything is either slow cooked overnight in the cast iron dutch oven at 200, or put in the crock pot on low overnight.  A chicken carcass (or two) yields two batches of stock, but soup bones yield three or four batches.  One batch of stock is usually about six or seven cups of liquid.

I hope this frugal tip helps you!

Homemade stock is so healthy and now you can make it nearly for free!

Oven-Ready Repurposed Compost Scraps

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  1. Brilliant! I've never thought about using the ends of carrots, onion skins, etc for stock, those things just automatically go to compost. Thanks for sharing this frugal tip!


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