Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mopping, Fear, Ya Know, the Norm

Moping the floor seems so daunting but it doesn't take me more than 30 minutes. And even if I don't finish what I do looks so amazing. I think I really "fear" moping because I "fear" starting and not finishing. Wow.

Anne helped me realize this after I read this post and I am still turning it over and seeing where else I can apply what she said.

I guess in the meantime I need to get to mopping!

Hoping you fearlessly leap over any hurdles that seem to be large but in reality are made of wispy clouds that need to be blown aside!

A beautiful vase my sister made for us for our wedding.  It's a timeless treasure!


  1. My SIL and I were recently talking about this, except it was about cleaning the bathrooms! It's not a favorite chore but really, it takes maybe 15 minutes. WHY DO WE ALWAYS AVOID IT?! It's totally all in our head...once it's done, we feel much better!

    1. Yes! I'm like that about supper too, sometimes. But really, to season and bake chicken takes all of seven minutes, maybe 10. No reason for fast food at all!


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