We are a happy, young, Roman Catholic family seeking to follow the Sacred Heart through the Blessed Mother.  We love being outside, playing with our adorable baby, guessing about life with two children,  spending time with like-minded Christ-seeking people, the New Orleans Saints (when they actually have a team), reading, listening and dancing to all genres of music, our Acadian "Cajun" culture, making our home "ours" and time as a new family!  We are also pursuing a debt free life - a ways to go but we have taken the initial step.

Tyler truly loves all things football as well as "classic rock" (his words).  He has phenomenal keyboard skills, glory to God!  He is an amazingly loving and patient husband, a funny and thoughtful best friend, and a supremely patient and gentle dad.

Rita currently loves crawling, music, and anything cold against her pink gums running, eating Colby jack or fresh goat cheese, birds, the book Little Loon and Papa, playing with water and playing outside (and she always has a gazillion bug bites afterwards)!

Jonah enjoys swimming around in utero, constantly moving, stretching and playing and always sending-out a peaceful presence to my heart.

Sewing, crafting, plotting home renovations/projects, cooking, baking, fermenting, gardening...all of these are things I enjoy but of course caring for Rita my family is best!

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