Sunday, July 15, 2012

Small Space Living: Nursery Decor

Our journey to create a sweet, simple space for Rita has been fun and I'm so grateful that we are finished!

Choosing to decorate Rita's nursery minimally has allowed me the time to create a space that reflects Rita's interests.  Creating something beautiful for my child has been such a rewarding experience.  She thoroughly appreciates the beauty and simplicity of her room.  What a little joy!

Crucifix hangs above books for when Rita recoups.
There are six pieces that we used to decorate.  Four religious pieces and two non-religious pieces.

The crucifix comes from the Holy Land, and is hung at Rita's height for her to admire Jesus and embrace the Cross whenever she needs.  I really support the idea of hanging art and beauty at a child's level.  It does so much for them.  Yes, this means Jesus wanders about the house with Rita during the day, but who's complaining that their child takes delight in carrying Our Lord!?
One of my favorite artists, Sher Chappell, has gifted us with a few pieces of her art.  You should totally check-out her stuff, by clicking on her name - beautiful, made from recycled/repurposed items, made in the USA, and affordable!  Not compensated, just love supporting artists!  All three are religious mixed media pieces and I am so inspired by them. All three hang on one wall in the nursery. They are at a height that is perfect for Rita when she stands in her crib (we reverted from the toddler bed, as she kept asking for bed and would shimmy out of the toddler bed).  At center is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the left is St. Gerard and to the right is St. Rita.  This is a simple and powerful way to invite the spiritual into our everyday.

DIY bird mobile up-close.  Love the shadows!
The long-awaited mobile (on my Pinterest board) is finished and hung!  The tutorial I used as a rough guideline is here. It cost all of $1.50 (for the stars), thanks to my planning during Christmas clearance!  Rita loves to see her "tweet-tweets" when she wakes up.  Tyler hung it smack over her crib and it looks awesome!

Last is a large giraffe done in oil pastel on cotton cloth.  It comes from this photo (on left) I found and put on my Pinterest board.

Source: via Suzette on Pinterest

"'raffe!"  A little blurry due to our psychedelic lighting.
The inspirational art piece (above) is done on a small section of a 2 x 4, so ours is substantially larger (around three feet tall) and a bit different, as I used the inspirational pieces as just that, rather than something to copy exactly.  This hangs right near the changing table and serves as a great distraction during diaper changes (a nice surprise!).

We are so elated that the nursery is complete!  It is the perfect reflection of what is important to Rita, and we are so glad that she loves the Lord and His creations!

Thanks for following along as we worked to create the best nursery in our small space living!

How do you decorate?  What is your best decor tip?  Do you find simple decorating to be sparse or clean?

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  1. This is such a sweet space for Rita! I love the personalized touches!

    1. Thank you Rachel. We have had a blast with it and she has really taken to her nursery. It is nice for her to have a place to be quiet and private. :)


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