Monday, July 2, 2012

Small Space Living: Simple Decor

The nursery is painted and furnished, but decorating is yet to occur.  Part of our quest to living simply and minimally is keeping decor simple, beautiful and special.  So, as we work towards decorating Rita's room I am doing my best to finish a simple and cheery mobile for above her bed.

Rita loves birds and so a simple bird mobile was an easy choice.  Where better to look for inspiration than Pinterest?!

This mobile is my model, of sorts, but I'm not holding to it hard and fast.

In contrast to the mobile above, my mobile is a combination of felt and fabric, with no prints being used.  I am also adding stars to the mobile, to have a more sleepy time appeal.  The blue of the room is incorporated and I am sewing away, making little "tweet-tweets" for my Rita!

Here is a peek into my craft basket...

And a rough sample of the mobile being partly assembled.

Keeping the decor simple in the nursery has made it possible for me to create something special and unique to Rita's interests. 

Have you crafted for your children?  Isn't great to create for them?  

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