Monday, May 21, 2012

Small Space Living: My Sanctuary

Everyone needs space.  Since I was a kid I have always found myself a "spot" where I can decompress, be quiet, think, not think, really just be me.  In our 1,073 square foot home (front porch included), I haven't really had a chance to make myself a niche.  But then I realized recently that the adaptation I made to my personal prayer time has allowed me to have a sanctuary of sorts for myself - right in my kitchen.  

This space is cheery - I love the curtain I sewed.  The fabric is Alexander Henry's Larkspur in Bloom that I ordered from a sweet fabric shop on Etsy.  Even when it's dreary or a really rough day the fabric for this valance lightens the weight of the day.  At the center is a crucifix standing in front of the Bible that I read from daily.  The Gospels are really changing my life, my thought process and who I am in general.  There is a wedding photo of me and Tyler, an icon print of St. Mary Magdalene, who is the "star" in one of my favorite songs, Hold Me Now by Jennifer Knapp, and a list of my daily goals on the left.  On the right is a cheery flower pot my mom gave to me, two cards that I have recently received, and a few items that are stored in the pot (hand sanitizer, a palm from Palm Sunday, a statue of St. Joseph holding Jesus).  Hanging just below the sill is a painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe on wood - it serves as a constant reminder that Mary's vocation as a mother has me intricately connected to her and that I need to follow her example of patience and love.

All of the items on this windowsill bring me back to my heart's center: Jesus.  

My special spot found in our kitchen, which is also where I pursue my love of food!

I am so blessed to have this sanctuary in our small home.  It allows me to unplug, reconnect, accomplish something (dishes) when I feel like I've been totally unproductive, and catch my breath when Rita has been especially needy or sick.  Thank you Lord for this small space!  It is a joy to reconnect with You.

Do you have a spot?  Do you reconnect and rejuvenate yourself when you visit this niche?  I think this sort of personal space is vital - do you agree?

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  1. Love this!! And, you have a happy kitchen...I love that curtain and the aqua walls!!

    A few weeks ago, I started putting scripture cards on my window sill so I'd have a verse to reflect on and memorize while washing dishes.

  2. Thanks! We love the color of our kitchen too :) It's amazing how color can set the tone for a space.

    Great idea with the scripture cards! That's so great to have that "nugget" of wisdom to carry with you once memorized. I do find the Bible gets a bit of a baptism when I'm really rocking and rolling with the dishes. :)


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