Sunday, June 3, 2012

Small Space Living: Furnished Nursery

In our quest for simple, minimal, joyous, healthy and frugal living we also try to balance living a "green" lifestyle.  We use soaps, shampoos and conditioners that aren't toxic to our bodies, clean with vinegar and baking soda, grow herbs and a few veggies, among a few other things.

This being said, using low to no VOCs paint is really important to us, especially with me being pregnant and Rita being so tiny.  We have previously used Benjamin Moore's low VOC paint, but when we went to get the paint and found they were closed, I had to find a substitute.  Thankfully, Behr at Home Depot just switched their entire line to low VOC paint!  This was a great find.  For $50 (estimate - can't track down the receipts I saved for this post) we purchased enough paint and tape for the entire nursery, plus a bit remains for touch-ups.  The paint is paint/primer in one as well as low VOC.  Some people thought this was too expensive for a small nursery, but we believe that we have to be good stewards to our bodies as best as we can.

Cozy bed.  The books function as a tool to help Rita relax when she needs a time-out.  We don't use time-out as punishment, but we do use it as a time of gathering wits, taking a breath and removing Rita from a situation where her behavior is not what it should be.

Our little Rita is moved into her new room and we are enjoying being able to sit-up in bed at night and see her next-door, sleeping peacefully.  We have chosen to have two pieces of furniture in her room: toddler bed and dresser.  The toddler bed was her former crib and the dresser top functions as the changing table. There are three drawers on the dresser: one for cloth diaper accessories (wipes, doublers, spray, spare changing pads, etc.), one for Jonah (clothes, burp rags, socks, bibs) and the last drawer for Rita (clothes, shoes, and swimwear).  In addition there are three "baskets" holding various items.  Books are in the white basket next to Rita's bed, diaper covers are to the right of the changing table, and the large woven basket holds diapers on the left of the changing table.

Everything necessary for cloth diapering (minus the diaper pail found in the laundry room) is in the top drawer, woven basket and orange "basket"!

It is so nice having such a clean, simple space for our sweet girl.  We know her sleeping/hygiene area is "baby-proof," pretty-much nontoxic and we have little to worry about if she decides to explore her room at night (but hopefully we hear her!).

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  1. Love her room! How long has she been in her toddler bed/how is it going? Paxton is still in his crib...he's yet to climb out and really likes being inhis bed so we've not converted yet!

  2. Thank you, we love it to. Hoping to decorate soon, just deciding on what goes where.

    Rita started in her toddler bed at 15 months. Every time she woke up (or so I thought) she was screaming and crying as though we had totally abandoned her - but one day I peeked in on her around the end of nap time and she was just sitting and quietly playing. We realized that she would wait and wait and wait for us to come, and when we didn't she would get so upset (I'm thinking scared and lonely). The toddler bed has solved this. She might climb in bed around 3am but most nights she isn't up until 6am. If he is happy and it works then that is probably best for him. We were having the sad issue of an unhappy baby at every waking time, so this was what worked best for us!

    I have a friend whose son was in his crib until he was three! And he loved it! It's all about feeling out the needs of your little man. :)


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