Monday, May 14, 2012

Small Space Living: Nursery Beginnings

So... we have been plotting, planning and talking. Ok! I confess!  Mostly it's me, but Tyler is a great sounding board and I love when he lends his advice and/or opinion.

Did I mention our house is only two bedroom? Oh yea, our house is only two bedroom.  But!  There are three walk-in, sit-down-and-have-some-coffee sized closets.  Mega closets.  For example, we have an armoire, two person prayer kneeler, full size cedar chest and two small chests of drawers, along with my clothes, Tyler's clothes, Rita and Jonah's hanging clothes, camping supplies, luggage, shoes, non-children books and family photos all in the main master bedroom closet.  It's outrageous.

So we have gutted and painted the second master closet (about 55 sq feet) for Rita to have a nursery, which will probably end up being a "toddler" bedroom.  There is space for us to have bunk beds built where her crib will be, so that gives us space for two kiddos (good thing!).

For now the second bedroom will function as our music/art room.  The emphasis is on music.  Tyler is really looking forward to having space rather than being cramped with his many instruments.  One day it could also be the school room, but that's a bit of time away.

Many thanks to Mom who is the backbone of the painting, since I have little Jonah within.  Dad and Tyler are both helping out after work.  God bless you three!

Here are a few sneak peek photos into the nursery:

Psychedelic light - thanks 80s fixture!   

Cable cord to be moved - we don't have cable TV but our phone line uses this!

This is the walk-in and walk-through closet turning nursery (I'm standing in the laundry to take the photo).  It connects to the laundry which is a dream with cloth diapers!
For now this nursery will be for Rita, and then maybe she and her brother will have bunk beds in here.  For at least the first six months Jonah will be in a Moses basket right next to mommy and daddy, so we have time to decide.  Looking forward to Rita having a special small space!

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Small Space Living: Nursery Inspiration

This post* from "Like Mother, Like Daughter" has a great reflection on the importance of play being outside of a child's bedroom.  It really inspired us even more with the decision to have our kids in a small bedroom that functions as just that!  Our living area is currently the play area and I think that might be the best idea to stick with.  
*Not compensated to say this, just thought it was lovely post that related to our current situation.

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