Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Before Baby Arrives: Baby Essentials for Two

With Jonah's arrival 12 weeks (at the longest) away I have begun to gather supplies that I listed last month.  Making my list an entire month before buying really had me crunching on a listed item to determine whether or not it is truly a basic/essential item.

The items up for purchase are:
  • large tube of cloth diaper friendly yeast-fighting CJ's BUTTer
  • large wet bag for travel
  • changing table cushion
  • two bottles of Kissaluv Diaper Potion concentrate
  • six washrags (usually one pack)
  • one velcro swaddle
  • three covers for changing table cushion
  • two crib sheets
  • four - six waterproof pads
  • waterproof crib mattress cover
  • two - four sippy cups
  • ear thermometer
Some items are for Rita, others Jonah, and still others are for sharing - all are hopefully going to help me to stay a little more relaxed since I will have spares of items (which was not the case with Rita).

I visited our local baby thrift store and purchased:

  • one striped Boppy cover* (2.99)
  • one tan crib sheet (1.49)
  • two velcro swaddles, one off-white and one printed  (these are nuggets of gold in our house and we only have one from Rita - 1.79 each)
  • four waterproof pads (.99 each)
  • six washrags (.29 each)

Thrift Store Grand Total (with tax): $14.86
*not on our list, but should have been since I only have one from Rita!

On Amazon I purchased two bottles of the Kissaluv Diaper Lotion Potion and cashed in $10 of Swag bucks Amazon gift cards for a total of $19.90.  Two bottles will probably last us three to four months.

I also purchased the large tube of cloth diaper friendly yeast-fighting CJ's BUTTer from SweetBottoms for $9.25.

For $44.01 (which is way less than what most people spend on disposable diapers per month) we have nearly all of our needed supplies before the baby arrives.  Even if I end-up having to purchase the remaining items at chain stores (Target, Babies R Us, etc.) at retail price, I have the peace of knowing I have made our beginning with baby Jonah as frugal and simple as possible.  Spending $100 on necessities for two babies is still a deal.  If we were not committed to frugal living, I would have never chosen to shop the thrift store.  I did not even have to worry about quality because the Boppy cover was made by Boppy, the crib sheet by Koala Baby (same as the one we have now), one swaddle by Summer Infant and the other by Kiddopotamus.  The washrags were assorted brands, but I enjoyed being able to hand-pick larger and softer washrags than we currently have.  The waterproof pads are by Especially for Baby.  Nearly everything name brand at super low prices!   Speaking of saving money, we are both so glad we are fully stocked with our cloth diapering supplies!

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