Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cleaning, Laundry and Toiletry Supplies

So I just took a trip to our local Dollar General* to grab a bar of soap to make homemade laundry detergent .  We were also in need of a few toiletries, but I don't shop Dollar General much so I didn't know a thing about their prices, but since I was there and Rita was happy and my car is on the "E" and Tyler isn't paid until Friday... I decided to scope out their inventory.

Well good news people!  Their toiletries are amazingly low priced, at regular price!

You must know, the "Cleaning, Laundry, Toiletry" category in our budget is my least favorite... I just don't love spending money on mouthwash, toilet paper, vinegar, borax, etc.  So you can imagine that the prices at Dollar General have me really really excited!  I know,  I could play the drugstore "game" and save all sorts of money, but having two kids under two years in just a few weeks will make any game playing a bit tricky and I already grocery shop at two to three different stores.

So, how low are the prices?  I usually pay $4-$5 for a bottle of witch hazel, which we use to make our diaper wipe solution.  That bottle usually lasts us one month.   I have checked Super One Foods (quit carrying it), Target, Albertsons (can't find it there) and RiteAid.  All of these stores had it priced in the $4-$5 ballpark.  For the same volume Dollar General's price is $1.65!  Wow wee!  This is just so awesome.

So here is my purchase for $8.15

  • 1.5 L (50oz) mouthwash $2.95
  • 32oz rubbing alcohol $1.95
  • Yardley soap bar (1) $1.00 (one place where cheap is less important and health is more important)
  • Witch hazel $1.65
  • Tax (blah) $.60

Not shabby!

The mouthwash will last anywhere from 2-3 months, the witch hazel one month, the soap will make enough detergent for at least six weeks and the rubbing alcohol will last us at least six months (might be hard to tell but it's a jumbo size).  I am just so excited and relieved to finally have found a way to save on the much loved, ahem, "cleaning, laundry, toiletry" category.

Check out your local DG store - maybe they can save you a few dollars!

Hope your Tuesday is going great!

We are not compensated to be excited and say good things about Dollar General, I just really think it's a great way to save and I love to share that info!


  1. I LOVE dollar general! Great prices. And the only reason I started going there in the first place is because it's the closest store to our house....could've kicked myself for not going there sooner :)

  2. I hear you! I only stopped because it was on my way home and I was on empty! Ha! Divine Providence at work. :)


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