Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Before Baby Arrives: April

While waiting for sweet Jonah, I have given myself tasks to accomplish.
For April I aimed to:

  1. catch-up on mending - sorted through and organized, down to only three items that need mending
  2. list items on craigslist
  3. sew three dozen wipes - cut fabric for 2 1/2 dozen wipes so far, but none have the edges hemmed
  4. make a list of purchases to be made
  5. establish exercise and relaxation routine - eesh, no progress
  6. order anti-candida enzyme - local store went down on the price so we don't need to order online
  7. read from the Psalms - no progress  
  8. send songs off for copyright  - didn't send songs off because we have decided to record them with a competent singer before copyright
Overall I have achieved a good deal, although goal #1 and #3 are only near completion, I am happy with any progress!

Clearly the goals that are more personal have been neglected - I totally need to work on that.  Labor is a huge ordeal and I need to prepare my body.  Reading scripture is essential, especially for Jonah to hear God's word spoken to him in the womb.  In addition, when Tyler and I read scripture together we are a much more committed, selfless couple!

Some goals not set for April that were accomplished:
  1.  thorough electronic declutter
  2. map-out budgets through July
So for May my goals are:
  1. mend three garments in pile
  2. cut 1/2 dozen wipes and hem all three dozen wipes
  3. establish a general routine that includes exercise and relaxation
  4. read from the Psalms three nights a week
  5. record all 12 songs and import to iTunes
  6. thorough art supply and toy declutter
  7. sort, discard and organize photos
  8. continue to list items on craigslist as we decide against them
  9. plan meals to be cooked and frozen in June
  10. budget for and order reusable menstrual pads
We are still really enjoying pursuing a minimal lifestyle.  It is definitely the life of simplicity that Christ preached about.  We are much more focused on heaven with fewer "wants and needs" and less junk filling our house.  (So many things deemed as essentials in the American culture are luxuries throughout the world!)  There are plans for a second room, in the making (more to come soon!)...which would not have been a thought if we were not pursuing a minimalist life.  We aren't extreme minimalists but we are always contemplating true needs.  

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  1. Awesome progress and great goals for May!! Baby Jonah's arrival is getting so close!!!

    And I couldn't agree more that minimalism is "the life of simplicity Christ reached about." That's true for our family!


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