Friday, May 18, 2012

Scalp Exfoliant

So, you know that delicious build-up on your scalp, clustering about each hair follicle?  That stuff drives me nuts!  So, I pulled upon my memory of reading on ModernMrsDarcy, a few weeks back, about how she uses a sugar and coconut oil scrub to "polish" her nails and cuticles.  I figured that I could use it on my scalp to remove the yuck-o build-up (thank you mousse).  I could go to our local Aveda Institute and pay 50ish bucks for an exfoliating treatment, but that is totally not how we like to spend our money - massage, yes; build-up removal, no thanks!

It was fun mixing the sugar and coconut oil.  The texture was that of sunscreen and sand: sweet childhood memories.  Rita was napping, but she would totally love playing with that sort of mixture and I wouldn't even have to worry if she decided to lick her fingers.  Oh, the things that us mothers of toddlers think about.  I digress.

Upon massaging the mixture into my scalp, I felt relief immediately.  I even saved a bit for Tyler to use when he showers tonight!  It wasn't horribly greasy feeling so I left the scrub sit and did a few quick chores around the house, snapped a picture of my glamourous bouffant hair, and then rinsed.

Sugar speckled hair - good thing I stay at home!

During the hot rinse my hair felt more conditioned than I have ever felt!  I have used olive oil as conditioner, but the coconut oil carries the trump card.  I did a warm rinse and then a cold one (to keep the frizz down), scrunched my hair dry, added mousse and started blow drying.  I usually shampoo once every two weeks, but as I was adding my mousse I started to wish I had done a light shampoo after the three rinses.  Even though my curly hair thrives on conditioner, my hair was a bit too conditioned at this point.  So, to all you fellow experimenters, wash with shampoo after!   After blow-drying to a mid point and leaving my hair to air dry, I was able to come to a final conclusion.

The results?

I have greasy hair! Ah!

Did the three rinses even do anything??
Friday morning I woke up and tested my scalp - no residue but still greasy to the max! So I washed my hair three times with warm water and shampoo and VIOLA!  Beautiful!  I am so impressed and plan to do this again, but will not just rinse after treating.  I will most assuredly shampoo a few times to leave my hair nourished and pretty and my scalp wonderfully exfoliated.

You gotta try it!
This is super simple (only two ingredients) and so affordable.  Nothing out of pocket for the specific purpose of a scalp exfoliation = frugal.  And it was fun!
Do you use a scalp exfoliant?  Is it homemade, store bought or a service you pay for?


  1. So funny, I was just in bath and wanted to look up ideas of good scrub for hair. I may try this! I also want something to give my hair some moisture. I have heard of mayonaise treatments for hair, but that sounds gross. Did doing this make your hair feeling softer?


  2. I never, ever thought of using that little trick as a scalp exfoliant. Nicely done, and your pics are great!

    1. Thanks for sharing such a great secret Anne! I hope you get to try it out - it really is a lovely difference.


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