Monday, April 16, 2012

Before Baby Arrives

Being pregnant a second time around is SO immensely different than the first time.  First of all, I know those days and spans of days when life seems too overwhelming to be real will fade and be forgotten.  This time I will understand why mothers always encouraged me to love my baby, breathe deep and let go - because it will be forgotten anyway!  What will not be lost is the chance to grow in virtue and shower love on my wee baby boy.

My concerns and to-do lists from before Rita are nearly less than shadows in my mind as I prepare for Jonah's arrival.  Jonah.  What a blessing to have another child bouncing kicking and celebrating our marital love in my womb.  So the time is near to begin thinking about what needs to be done (vs wants) before our baby arrives.

Before his arrival I need to
  1. catch-up on mending
  2. read (as a couple) from the Psalms to him before bed
  3. do a thorough electronic declutter
  4. do a thorough toy/art supply declutter
  5. sort, discard and organize photos
  6. update scrapbook
  7. make $500 + extra payments on car debt
  8. map-out budgets through July
  9. wash and mildly bleach all cloth diapers and reusable nursing pads (because of thrush with Rita)
  10. wash all baby clothes
  11. pack hospital bags
  12. sew three dozen wipes using scraps and existing fabric
  13. help Tyler send songs off for copyright
  14. list items on craigslist as we decide against them
  15. order and study postpartum NFP guide
  16. establish exercise and relaxation routine for labor prep
  17. make a list of purchases to be made 
  18. meal plan all of July 
  19. freeze at least five suppers and 10 lunches
  20. purchase reusable menstrual pads
  21. order anti-candida enzyme

Before his arrival I want to
  1. sew outfits for Jonah and Rita
  2. sort and sell winter maternity clothes
  3. declutter "crystal" cabinet in kitchen
  4. sew reusable menstrual pads
  5. make my own plain yogurt
  6. purchase or sew a ring sling
To make these goals that need to be accomplished attainable, I'm going to implement something important I've learned - break down your goals!  So, here goes - during the remainder of April I aim to accomplish
  1. catch-up on mending
  2. list items on craigslist
  3. sew three dozen wipes
  4. make a list of purchases to be made
  5. establish exercise and relaxation routine
  6. order anti-candida enzyme
  7. read from the Psalms
  8. send songs off for copyright
This might seem like a lot (as Tyler gently mentioned) but the truth is that these tasks that need to be achieved will allow me to relax and enjoy my transition into mothering two children.  I have faith that if I invite God into each of these tasks, His grace will abound and He will help me to accomplish these goals!

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