Saturday, November 24, 2012

Radiant Love: A Visit with Our Lord

Well, back in September I said that it was back to chapel for me...but after one creepy visit in which a man stayed lingering outside in the chapel parking lot, Tyler asked that I visit chapel at some other time than dark...great idea...not so practical since he comes home after 5:30 every day! 

Stained glass above the tabernacle.

So, life happened and I thought of chapel and I attempted visits but never got there.  But the truth of the healing and rejuvenating Eucharist kept calling to me and I didn't let myself stop trying.

It FINALLY paid off!  Two months later (so embarrassing) I made a visit to our Lord in a local church.  I spent a little more than 15 minutes but it felt like hours.  I was so refreshed by quiet, still prayer time in the presence of Our Lord in the tabernacle.  

The stained glass had me marveling at the beauty of God in this world, as did the gorgeous tabernacle. 

I'm so refreshed.

It's God is amazing.

I'm looking forward to another visit!

Candles burning beneath the mantle of Our Lady.
My goal is confession once a month and chapel once a month.  My last two attempts at confession have left me starring at an empty confessional...just a few minutes too late.  Shucks.  I'm not giving up!!

On another note, Tyler has a retreat coming-up soon.  Please pray for him as he prepares to spend time away from the busyness and wooing nature of the world.   I pray that he is blessed, revived and refreshed during his time of spiritual renewal.

As we near Advent,
Come Lord Jesus!

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