Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Food-ish Things

First, Auntie Leila of {pretty, happy, funny, real} is ill. She has shared so much wisdom with me through her blogging and I know she would greatly appreciate prayers. Please remember her.
Farmer's market = carrots for Thanksgiving! Bingo!
Second, I've heard that you shouldn't double baking recipes because sometimes the chemistry can go wrong. Cue the runny cookies that ended up needing an extra cup and a half of flour and were miraculously squished and baked into a massive giant cookie cake. Sent it to work with the hubster. Great reviews from the manly work crew. Thank you Jesus for not wasting the butter!!!!! It's so dang expensive these days!!  (Cookies are GREAT for postpartum NFP!  Don't be afraid! Bake the day away!)

Third, I'm baking again (I guess the above gave that away, but anyway)!!
BREAD!!! Bread, at least weekly. Therapeutic and delicious. A pretty sure sign I am beginning to move out of post partum ah-my-life-is-a-wreck-what-am-I-doing-and-why-does-no-one-have-clean-underwear slump. Although I think my spiffy new laundry routine is totally and it does a good job keeping me on task. It's so great to just knead dough. Idk. I just find that extremely soothing.

Fourth, we have a visitor tomorrow!!! Yay!!! Jonah's godmother and we are pumped! My to-do is obnoxious and if I nail it, it will be awesome. If not, it will still be an awesome day.

On the agenda tomorrow are sugar cookies, pie crusts, pecan pies, a pot pie for supper, and lots of chopping and slicing veggies in advance for our cozy Thanksgiving meal at home.  Yes, I'm crazy.  Whatever. 

Fifth, I scored BIG at the grocery. Thank you Lord. Spare ribs for...(drumroll)...49cents per lb!!!! Markdown for a roughed-up package? Oh yes thank you!!!! Those puppies are fast asleep in our freezer!
Cell phone snapshot before entering Arctic freeze!

Sixth, have you read A Knotted Life? Great blog! Great humor! Bonnie is a hoot and she is totally not trying to impress or belittle any momma out there.  That rocks.  Check it out!

And there were potatoes too!  Roasted veggies on the Thanksgiving menu!
Seventh (don't really have anything to say buttttttt seven is God's perfect number!) Oh! I have something!
Yeast Bread Rolls! Tried making them and can I say 1. Easy peasy 2. Delicious

Yeast bread rolls...A-mazing! (In the freezer for guessed it! ...Thanksgiving menu!
Eighth, ok, I know, passing God's number .. We had a play date today with all the kiddos from our birth class for Rita. She had a blast at the park! She could swing for hours, I bet! Sweet girl has always liked rocking, and it seems like swinging is glorified rocking!

Ninth, I'm totally out of control and loving it! hahaha! I LOVE my babies but co-sleeping part-time is working best for us.  Part-time = Jo starts off in the Moses basket next to us and ends up in bed like um, every night.  But the sleep I get on my own in great.  And if I'm missing my little buddy, I just reach on over, scoop him up and plop that chunky 15lb 9 oz boy next to me!  He is so chunky and cute!   So it's mostly full-time but it's great!

Really, I'm obsessed with these carrots.  Orange, yellow, white, and deep red.  Gorgeous.
Tenth, Good night!

"Hold you baby! Hold you baby"  Rita, you're amazing.  I love you.


  1. I was just informed today that tomorrow I will be making a sweet potato pie from scratch. Clearly I am not nearly as prepared as you!

    Those carrots are gorgeous. You should post pictures of them daily.

    1. You've got that! Although I have no idea where to start. Do you bake them 1st? Sounds way hardcore!

      I totally agree. That would be amazing. God is so cool. Multi-colored carrots? The guy IS creativity. Awesome.

    2. I second that those carrots are amazing! Such rich colors!


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