Thursday, September 27, 2012

Returning to My Heart's Home

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I talk about my kids all of the time. All of the time. I've mostly let them become my identity.   I'm a Catholic Christian, then a wife, then mom, then daughter, then sister, then friend (which could be near the same as sister). But guess what?

I'm mostly a mom.

That's not really a good thing, yet it is truthful.

Making a holy hour before Jesus present in the Holy Eucharist kept me centered throughout high school and college. For some reason when I entered into the sacrament of marriage, my vocation, my hours before our Lord have dwindled to none. Bad news, not to mention really ironic.

I'm learning I'm far from who I should be and far from the top of my game the last two and a half years.

Taking a class to learn Cajun French is a step towards getting back in touch with myself...

But it's gonna take more than school to get Jesus at my center.

So...back to chapel it is. Of course I'll have to bring Jonah and of course I'm still going to have to nurse Jonah in chapel and miss visits cause of random family needs, but overall I just have to get back on track, so I'm starting with what has always worked for me.  Eucharistic adoration or bust!

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What I've Learned...try not to wait until your first child is nearing two to get yourself back on track...although this is the first time I feel like I'm transitioning ever so little from surviving to thriving, so in that sense I'm trying to refocus as soon as I've had the opportunity.  But still, I should have "done something for myself" a LONG time ago!

These two ecards really capture a sense of motherhood (and make me giggle out loud!).  Thankfully I'm not fleeing Alcatraz every day!


  1. I so feel you on this one! I think I've gone "downhill" in a sense, since being married. Looking back at my college days I'm like, man, what happened to that holy girl?!? Logan and I talked about it and I think it's because life got a heck of a lot harder once we got married. Not that it's an excuse...

    I have a chapel hour (that I finally started to go back to this past month after the crazy pregnancy- thankfully Logan had taken over) and it's the best! So, so worth the effort :)

    Good job on taking that big step! It's always the hardest part!

    1. Yes! So much harder!!! Seems that I've really entered what I refer to as "the daily grind of sainthood."

      Good to know! My first attempt to chapel was thwarted by a suspicious person lingering in the parking lot...I'll have to try earlier, when it is still light outside. Thanks Jen! Not easy but I believe it will supply much needed grace!!

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