Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My dear sweet Jonah has been blowing raspberries for over five minutes. His fave is COVERED is spit. Jonah, you are way too adorable!

Hoping you are well!!

Wednesday is my unofficial but regular day to bake, usually. It just falls nicely between laundry days since we usually have a Tuesday play date.


Hoping to do sugar cookies tomorrow!!! Going to do our own frosting with milk and powdered sugar. Really really hoping I can make this happen! Come Lord Jesus! YOU can surely make it happen!

Also have bread to make. I've been supplying us for a little over two weeks! Hooray! Have you read the back of your bread bag? It's so scary. Ok honestly there are scary thing everywhere and the flour I use isn't organic meaning it could be genetically modified but AT LEAST there are only like five ingredients in my bread.

Advent coming Sunday!

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