Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Postpartum NFP: Cooking Ribs

Attention: This is a modestly specific post about postpartum NFP, which could be very helpful or TMI.  You choose!

Signs of the (postpartum) time in our home include lots of delicious baking and cooking! 

Although my cervix consistently says "infertile," the rest of my body cries out of pending ovulation.  Crampy legs, stretchy fertile mucus every three or four weeks, and so abstinence is a big part of our marriage right now (innocent abstinent engaged couples, know you are having good practice for spacing children).  :)

And so, abstinence makes the heart cranky, annoyed, impatient, barking down your spouses throat, ok, eventually, when you have passed through those fires, it makes your heart fonder!  Really!  It does!

Abstinence also has me wanting to show my love in creative ways: enter new recipes to woo my husband, and warm his heart and belly!

This week I bring to you country style cut pork ribs with a homemade marinade/basting sauce inspired by this great recipe found via Pinterest (on my Recipe board)!  My sauce lacked a few ingredients, I changed proportions and made substitutions.



This meal was so so very delicious and inexpensive (especially compared to dining-out)!  The pork was only $1.67 per pound (5.18 lbs for $8.65), potatoes (local) $1.00 per pound (one pound cooked), frozen sweet peas* at $1.83 per bag (two bags for $3.66) and the cornbread came from the freezer, made by friends!

We ate supper (two adults, one toddler), packed Tyler's lunch (two ribs, remaining potatoes, sweet peas) with some to share with co-workers (he really loved the ribs = hooray!), set aside a rib for my lunch, sweet peas for me and Rita, and cornbread for me and Rita.  So that's two meals for a total of $13.29!  Each meal cost $6.65!  This means each serving was $2.66 (let's say five servings total between both meals, since Rita eats half of an adult serving, on average, although many days she out-eats me)!
Seriously, our FAVORITE pizza costs us right under $22 and only makes one meal! 

Cooking at home is a great way to eat healthy, delicious (and even local) food!  And I should mention it keeps the man of the house very happy!

PLATED (with roasted sea salt rosemary potatoes, sweet peas, and cornbread)

*I usually purchase our frozen vegetables when they are 99 cents per bag, but as we had eaten through our sweet peas bought at rock bottom, I had to purchase at full price.  Eesh, not a good price!  Our meal total could have been $11.63!

Looking forward to sharing this recipe with you!  In the meantime, you can find it on my Pinterest "Recipes" board.  Happy oven baking to you!

How do you like to cook ribs?


  1. Isn't it fun to figure out how much a really DELICIOUS homemade meal costs per serving? It makes me almost giddy to realize we can eat so well for comparatively little. One "downside": it starts to spoil eating out in mid-priced restaurants.

    Thank you for your supportive "here-here's" on Modern Mrs. Darcy.

    1. Yes! It totally spoils mid-priced! But the joy of eating healthy food as budget-worthy prices is so awesome.

      Glad to give "here-here's" (what a great phrase that I had forgotten!). Your space is awesome too! Did some browsing while nursing, but didnt get to comment. Looking forward to reading more!


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