Saturday, June 2, 2012

Before Baby Arrives: Week One of June

Being pregnant a second time around is SO immensely different than the first time.  First of all, I know those days and spans of days when life seems too overwhelming to be real will fade and be forgotten.  This time I will understand why mothers always encouraged me to love my baby, breathe deep and let go - because it will be forgotten anyway!  What will not be lost is the chance to grow in virtue and shower love on my wee baby boy.

My concerns and to-do lists from before Rita are nearly less than shadows in my mind as I prepare for Jonah's arrival.  Jonah.  What a blessing to have another child bouncing kicking and celebrating our marital love in my womb.  So the time is near to begin thinking about what needs to be done (vs wants) before our baby arrives.

May goals were:
  1. mend three garments in pile - oh this task just hangs above my head...
  2. cut 1/2 dozen wipes and hem all three dozen wipes - decided against a slew of flannel baby blankets from Rita, so re-cutting some of these wipes
  3. establish a general routine that includes exercise and relaxation using any down time I have to practice relaxation, even just briefly and going for a stroll with Rita at least two mornings a week
  4. read from the Psalms three nights a week - oh how this needs to be prioritized
  5. record all 12 songs and import to iTunes Five done!
  6. thorough art supply and toy declutter - started but not quite finished
  7. sort, discard and organize photos
  8. continue to list items on craigslist as we decide against them
  9. plan meals to be cooked and frozen in June
  10. budget for and order reusable menstrual pads - has to wait for June - paying on car debt instead!
So, at the longest we have eight weeks before Jonah makes his arrival.  If he is like is his sister, I have seven weeks.  Really though, I just don't know when!  This being taken into account, I need to complete all of my goals ASAP.  Let's pretend he will come at 37 weeks, so that leaves me three weeks between now and then.  

Some tasks have been completed, others have been started and still others are untouched (mending anyone?).

Here goes - during the first of the anticipated three weeks I aim to accomplish 

  1. thorough toy/art supply declutter
  2. wash and mildly bleach all cloth diapers and reusable nursing pads
  3. help Tyler send songs off for copyright
  4. list items on craigslist as we decide against them
  5. freeze at least five suppers and 10 lunches* (this week: Beef and Cheese Enchiladas, Chicken Pot Pie, Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffins)
  6. sew those stinkin' three dozen wipes!!!

* Post on freezer meals coming-up soon!  Stay tuned.  It is a great way to simplify weekday life!

I will be updating after the passing of each week.  I'm hoping this will help me to stay focused and be a way of holding myself accountable.  Meanwhile, please keep me and Jonah in your prayers as our time of labor and delivery approaches.

Still having formatting issues with sorry!  I know my fonts are mis-match and spacing is off, among other problems.  

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  1. "budget for and order reusable menstrual pads"

    Yay! Mama Cloth! I love it- I bought my first set postpartum with my second baby- I'm never going back. You could forget the flannel wipes and make flannel cloth pads instead, there are lots of directions on the internet...

    Good luck with your lists, Sue.

  2. Good to know they are comfy - I'm not gonna lie, I tried using one of Rita's diapers once and that was terrible. (How embarrassing!) It made me want to EC all the more. But that hasn't exactly worked out, anyway!
    We DEF need wipes but I should just keep on sewing for an hour or two more and make cloth pads. I do have five flannel blankets that can be repurposed, so that should be plenty.

  3. Sue, I love cloth for Mamas, especially postpartum, but you will have to decide for yourself if it is comfortable and what your preference is. I hate plastics and chemicals more than I hate bulk- and I generally find that cloth breathes nicely. And anything would probably be more comfortable than Rita's diaper!!!


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