Monday, November 11, 2013

Thinking on a Monday...Always a Not-Good Idea that Means Rambling!

Monday is officially our Hangover day...hahahahaha!! STOP! NO! We don't get wasted every Sunday night.  Pinky promise.

It's just that I miss Tyler...and the kids miss him...and I miss happy kids (due to Dada's presence)...and order...and the rhythm of being with my soul mate.

So thusly (Wow I am SHOCKED that is a word) Monday is here known as our "Hangover Day" and because this schedule of laundering sorta had my type-A personality wigging-out if I was on the wrong load of laundry, Hangover Day can also be called Laundry Day or even Neglect-the-Entire-House-for-the-Sake-of-Clean-Underwear Day.

Quality time a la commode.

And how do I blog while amidst the throes of clothes and whiny (and feverish, today) children on Mondays...because I let them do things like this

macaroni flinging.  It's a lost art, people.

Did I tell you our latest news?!
We joined Sam's!!
I have sold my Wal-Mart corporation.
I still won't shop at Wal-Mart...but Sam's, you can be my hero bay-bayyyy!
*I think that I wish we had a Costco or a Trader Joe's, etc etc but all I got is Sam's-Mart and dat, ma cher, is what dis family done get!
They were mostly excited.  Rita kept exclaiming, "Momma! This is a beautiful grocery store! Thank you for bwinging (bringing) me to a beautiful grocery store!"
There ya have it - Sam's, the Beautiful Grocery Store.
Ok, but seriously.  Look at those faces.  Melting.  As nutty as they make me feel, these kids melt my heart and wring it out. All in a day.

Anne at MMD has a link-up for your bookshelf.  But seeing that our books are packed away in anticipation of selling this house and buying a new, one all before Easter...madness...moving on!...all I've got are my cookbooks.  But I think they will do.  I use them all, minus the "Sacred Feasts" - but that's sorta my goal, to make more soups, so the cookbook is a patient (and pretty) reminder.

Thanks for all the support and ideas when we were budget-busted last month.  We are again busted this month thanks to my klutzy tendency to react instead of act (sorry to let you down Auntie Leila!)...because hell-ooooo four pairs of glasses broken in two, no, make that ONE year...means only one thing: get some contacts, sista! And in humble (ACTUALLY SUPER EXCITED!!!!) obedience to my husband I am now wearing contacts.  It's like so miraculous and has eliminated just another one of those totally unnecessary why-have-I-been-doing-this-for-so-long battles.

But as Tracy pointed out, it takes a while to get the budget train on the right tracks.  We are making strides.

I'm so so so excited for Rachel of Intentionally Simple - they just announced baby number three!  Congrats and prayers your way sista! 

Speaking of budget and a simple momma:
For the FIRST. TIME. EVER. in our marriage we ended last month UNDER budget with $18 and some change.  Incredible.  Praise Jesus!  Hoping for the same this month - just gotta get to selling some stuffs on ye olde Craigslist, or something like that.  But first, the laundry.  

Happy Day to you!

P.S. I wrote this whole post and then realized Anne's link-up is not until Wednesday (I think I should make another cup of coffee!!!)  Case-in-point of why I should not think (or blog!) on Monday-Hangover-Laundry day.

Thanks for reading y'all! Muah!


  1. Loved this post! Gosh, your little ones are cute. And, yay for being under budget!! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel!
      Girl, the Lord is so so so merciful and awesome. He is mac-daddy.

  2. They are Adorable!!! And, there is a season for everything... even WalMart. :-) Although, I find that I can generally do pretty well with Amazon but it all depends on what you're shopping for. You can also get home delivery of things from WalMart- they are trying to compete with Amazon and you can get some good deals without dragging the kids out- especially when you have bitty baby 3 in tow. :-) Yay to coming in under budget. It will happen and you will flourish! You can do it!

    1. Thanks Becky! Motherhood is certainly certainly teaching me about seasons. Right you are.

      Yes, Amazon is AWESOME. We have prime and the she-bang but Sam's actually beats Amazon on a few things! And I can get produce when I go - yay!
      I do imagine when #3 pops along we will be Amazoning it up. :)
      Crossing fingers and toes and eyebrows and anything else that we don't erupt during the holiday season, with expenses that is. We used-up Christmas money for various vehicle drama emergencies. But hopeful hopeful!

  3. Macaroni or (anything else) flinging is the favored activity of my 21 month old. And silly me, I keep giving him things to fling, because it buys me a few minutes… so, I get it totally. I would not, however, during this phase in life, suggest play dough because of, well, the whole "flinging," thing. :) I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying reading your posts!


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