Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Let's Chat About Goals

Can we just take a few momentos of this dia
and talk about me + goals = utter feelings of "uhhh....what am I actually doing with my life?"

So, yea...

The "new year" is totally at the end of the month.  (how?! when?!)

Hellooooo Advent - I see you coming.

Casti Connubii?

Oh Casti - I heart you. But like seriously...

...achieving the goals ye olde spiritual director set is like breath-takingly hard some days. Some days I just can't can't can't even think at night.  Or after doing a spiritual reading I realize that I've just been rereading the same paragraph for uhh like 20 minutes because I keep falling asleep.  Not to mention my own personal get all crazy organized and be super woman ideals (Oh K Whitaker I just am gawking at you sista!!)

Y'all what I'm doing is like fo' real. 

I'm totally raising kids.  Doing laundry. Cooking some slap ya' momma good food.

People pay BIG bucks for a good dry cleaners.

People pay BIGGER bucks for take-out or dine-in more nights than not.

People pay HUGE bucks for quality day care.

So here is a glass of red wine (baby, can you pick some up on the way home?) to me realizing that some goals are immeasurable.

Some goals are bigger than a check list.

Some goals are life choices that will be the memories and legacy I leave behind.

And y'all, that's awesome-sauce.


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