Thursday, November 7, 2013

{phfr} I'm backkkk!!!!

Happy Thursday!
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My sweet girl.  She painted a pretty pumpkin for us, but oh her sweet face! When I look at her I wonder how anyone can doubt God's presence - such sweetness and innocence.  And I marvel at my own insecurities that surface at various times, mostly in the self confidence department - Lord, please help me to be confident in myself, but more especially in you, so that my children can know how to have confidence in themselves and in You.  Amen.
Our baby is a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little baby, I was so certain you were a girl.  Certain certain, and so it was a delightful surprise to find out that you are a little boy.  Both me and your dada felt a wave of relief (why?!) at knowing you are a boy. We so look forward to holding you, loving you, caring for you and introducing you to your precious siblings who so excitedly await your arrival. Muah! xoxox Momma

Baby: 15 weeks

This. Dog.

Props to my kids for being awesomely awesome while we went into the gas station, got money out of the atm, got change, and filled this tire, canceled our park playdate, and had an impromptu lunch at the restaurant next to the tire repair center.  Kids - y'all rocked.  
And praise the Lord for the money to keep our vehicles on the move.
And bless the kind man who flagged me down to tell me I was about to be stranded on the road.

People, your prayers are AWESOME. Morning sickness has flown the coop and I am cooking again!!!!!! I know, like, was the house disgusting and were all of us gaining weight because that happens when you eat DiGiorno pizza three times a week for more than seven weeks straight? Yes, pizza = tight clothes.
Anyway! SO SOSOSOSOSSOSOSOSOSOOOOOOO GRATEFUL for your prayers.  While I'm cooking I'm trying to freeze a lunch here and a supper there for the holiday season/late pregnancy that will be here before we know it. 


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  2. Yay for that adorable little baby boy and wonderful, cute kiddos and the many graces offered!!!

  3. Aww! It's a boy! I'm so happy for you and just love love reading you posts. You're a beautiful Momma with a beautiful family. And, I'm so inspired by the last post and writing about your budget. Wshew- October we squeeked by, but doing a cash for our food really helped me feel empowered and not just poor. We did some fun and yummy stuff. I even found a 8lb pork shoulder for .99/lb(!!!) that we just finished up the last of tonight on pizzas, yes, good ol pizza. I think I'm gonna make up a song about how
    carbs I've been eating. Holy calories batman. You're just hte best. HaVE A blessed weekend.

  4. Yay, a boy! He and Jonah will be best buds :)

    And wait....did y'all get a dog?!


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