Monday, October 14, 2013

Update on Yackling Car Debt (with an update!)

That would be tackling, but isn't "Yackling" so funny?! Ha! True genius appears in...typos?
    He just takes my breath away!

So we haven't used our credit cards since putting them away a few days after my last post on debt. 

We also haven't saved much...
So to kick-start my excitement about saving, me and the jolly wee hobbits will be adventuring to the bank...ahem, again. Because all good Americans take trips to the bank on Columbus Day, right? 

We will be depositing all the change we have saved up here in the casa. 

Today I shattered the piggy bank I started in high school. Thought the money would be paying for a plane ticket to a convent one day, but looks like it will be going towards a "forever" home. So exciting! God has such great plans. *blissful sigh*

Shattering piggy banks, even wrapped in old towels, is a messy business. I tried the butter knife trick but it actually broke part of the bank, so I finished the job. I don't recommend the bank shattering unless you have someone to help watch the kids. - Coming from someone who undertook shattering without additional adults to help!

Anyway, it's not like loads of money. Give me a break, it's change! But it's something. And that matters. 

Remember! Our house is for sale!!

UPDATE: Put $123.60 in coins into savings, plus our allotted amount for this month. Came home, updated budget and realized I transposed numbers and had our budget hundreds over funded. Fixed mistake. $78 remain until November 1st. Thank you JESUS that my husband was on-call this past weekend! It will be t-i-g-h-t; come Holy Ghost and light our way!


  1. Lol about the shattering...coming from one who dealt with a glass cake stand (with lid) that shattered into a million pieces this morning. Landon, the boy I babysit, and the dog were just sooooo not cooperative! So I'd have to agree with another adult being around ;)

    I also think it's pretty funny about your original plans for the piggy bank money. God loves to change things up a bit, eh?

  2. I'll be praying for you! Come Holy Spirit indeed.


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