Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Five Favorites

I'm so so so very excited to be joining Hallie Lord for Five Favorites this week.

Have you read her book Sex, Style and Substance?

Get thyself to Amazon my girl!

It is WONDERFULLY written and a great Catholic read.  Seriously.  Go! Click! Redeem Swagbucks if you must!

Anyway, all the cool chics are writing books.  Simcha and Cari both have one out which I NEED to read ASAP...sounds like I myself need to cash-a-rooski thine own Swagbucks.

Let the reading begin! But of course we all know that sometimes it just doesn't happen.  And that's ok. Put the kids to bed, draw a bath, pour a glass of Pinot Noir (love this one lately) and read until your hunka-hunka burning love bids you to be present - I'm totally banking that he himself is winding down too.

But alas, I am off on a tangent again.


My first five, ever!

Because I am in a shopping mood that is being squandered by ye olde budget, I will wistfully speak of clothing here and other equally as awesome but not so cute favorites.

1. ModCloth. (heart) These leggings.  Best $14 of my life.

2. Linking-up with MMD - a link-up within a link-up.  Watch-out!
Books! Specifically these:

My cookbooks. Creativity and tasty yum all in one.

Talk About Good: My Granny's copies, including personal notes, recipe clippings from elsewhere, and pages that smell of libraries of long ago.  Opening this book has never failed to produce something delicious and bring me down memory lane.

Keeping Food Fresh: An incredible read with recipes that are simple and steeped in history...I'm a bit of a sucker for the old days. ;-)

Medicinal Herbs: A must-have in our home.  A reference for sickness, sudden or lingering, as well as yummy ideas of how to safely blend herbs.

Herbs Encyclopedia: A great companion to Rosemary's Medicinal Herbs.  Helpful with gardening too.

White binder: Best wedding gift. For real. A sweet friend put together tried and true recipes from her kitchen, complete with personal notes - it has been such a neat cookbook and I'm thoroughly convinced that it is one of the best wedding gift you can receive!

Sacred Feasts: Not yet used, but lovely to peruse. My motivation to incorporate soups into our weekly meals.

The Art of Simple Food: The best postpartum gift I have ever received. Sort of "endless meals," ya know? Alice Waters is such a culinary genius. I'm so grateful to the gift-giver of this book. ;-) TO everyone else: You need this book. Seriously. You do. It has ALWAYS amazed both me and Tyler - me with the simplicity and ease and beauty and Tyler with the depth of taste.

3. Boots!!!!! One day I will get all fancy-pants and STUN you with boots.  Heck even frugalista Dweej has boots!! I will attain! Ok, sorry to get all like mad-scientist on you.

Aren't these great! Small heel, gorgeous color...mmmm..oh, $199? (cough! sputter!)

4. On to real life. This "mop" has revolutionized the flooring department of our home, which is for sale, and thus YOU should buy it!!! it = my house  I will leave the mop for you, if you want. ;-) It doesn't do a great job, but it gets the job done.  As a sweet friend pointed-out, nothing is an efficient as scrubbing on your hands and knees, but hold the phone yo' cause somebody is being neglected if I have to scrub floors on hand and knees. Thus:
Found at Target.
5. The weekend of July 26th 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Need I say more? Yes, I do. Need to say: start saving!!!!!!!!!!!)
Best gathering EVER EVER!!!!!

None of the links here give me a cent for the plugs, and that's all good.  Just had to let ya know!


  1. I loooooved the book Sex Style & Substance! I had to laugh because I totally pay for books with redeemed Swagbucks as well :)

    And I totally want to go to that mommys gathering! It's my birthday weekend so maybe Logan will let that be my present!

    1. Oh I'm so glad you read that book! It was so good. I have it on my "read again soon" mental list.
      Maybe the title is Style, Sex and Substance? Sorry...clearly my ability to blog without mommy fog does not exist - glad you knew what I was talking about!

      Oh Swagbucks. :)

      Oh that's super super super exciting! That would be an incredible gift!

  2. I love the white binder on your cookbook shelf! I got a very similar gift when I got married, and I still refer to it all the time (13 years later).

    Thanks for sharing your shelves!


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