Friday, November 15, 2013

Fashion. There, I said it! (And a must-read blog post)

So in between run-of-the-mill every-day drama of the neighbor texting me about our constant barking dog...seriously...MY dog.  Yes, OUR dog, but me, I'm the one who pushed and whined and beg and dog...I make such mess for myself. Anyway, between those texts, the laundry, diapers, cooking, the dishes, feeding people, diapers, keeping up on my blog-reading, feeding people, potty accidents and diaper changes, more cooking, and not slipping to my eminent death on a chunky bright green Lego block, I've started to venture into the world of fashion (I know, if you know me, its like chirping crickets right now).

You're thinking:  
Sue, fashion?

I know, I know!

But y'all, come on.

Here is a truth that applies to me: If I look frumpalicious, I feel just like the dog bombs that are all (ALL!) over our yard. 

Anne of MMD and Dweej of {House Unseen} have both blogged on this topic of dressing for the day, and both are worth reading.

Then there are those days where I get-up, put on some pandora, dish-out goldfish and yogurt and grapes for breakfast and then dress presentably (and of course practically) and put on a little make-up (read: concealer and mascara. done.) - well those days I just find it so much easier to breathe, relax and not flip a lid when at 7:00pm at night Rita makes "tracks" on the table...with yogurt...using her feet. Thanks Curious George. You save my hiney and then come back and bite me. awesome-not-awesome.

Anyway, FASHION!

Laura, who is probably the coolest lawyer-mom combo ever has been doing such awesome posts, as well as having guest-posts on her blog, all about mom-fashion! Read her awesomeness here: This Felicitous Life.  You should totally check her out!

So I've read lots there.

Ain't No Mom Jeans and Camp Patton are super for fashion tips (and endless laughs and snorts, of solidarity, with CP) and read so easily.

And then I realized one day (was it Monday?) that I don't know what body shape I am.

And y'all...downdowndowndown into the world of fashion I did spiral!

Then I rose from the blackhole with an answer:

Am I sure?

Measure three three different times of day and yes, hourglass.

So then like any sensible girl I googled "celebrity hourglass fashion"

....(suspenseful pause a.k.a. spotty internet coverage)


My brain flow: What?? It's like recommendations to walk around in my undergarments...I mean really...and Beyonce is next in line for "hourglass" figure? Well hello-goodbye modesty!

Only Laura pulled me right up from the spiral when this exchange happened:


And she naturally made a sensible suggestion of Marilyn's pre-crazy Hollywood days - when Norma Jean wore actual clothes.
Not Laura's actual suggestion...but another example of Marilyn clothed!
Except then Laura sent an email

to me


...(actual suspense)...

this beauty:
Rita's photo commentary: "Momma! It's a silly butterfly on this. And you're gonna wear butterfly wings to fly. Yes you did."
So, Laura, you'll be doing our Christmas outfit shopping and photo cards...
Louisiana Family a la Hollywood! haha!! ;-)

But really, come back next week to feast your eyes on the evolution of my fashion in motherhood!

And PLEASE read this awesome article that Bonnie wrote - please. please. please. 
Bonnie, I hear you. Choosing to be kind and generous round the clock. I too was a great babysitter but find myself being more like dynamite now that I'm a mom. I haven't looked into therapy or medication because I always think that maybe it will just clear-up on its own... probably not the best idea.
Thanks for your humility, Bonnie - I think that it might be just what other moms (ME!) need to hear. You're such a cool cat! (I hope you like cats...otherwise that just might be a terrible compliment - but I mean it in the best possible way!) :-D

Now I REALLY need to go put Monday's laundry away and mop the floors, so, ta-ta!!!! And please say a prayer because we show the house tomorrow!!! And pray for a friend whose baby is having heart surgery on Thursday! Ok ok! off to Mt. Clothesvius


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