Tuesday, November 19, 2013

22 Days (Don't Check my Math)

Can we start with this:

Ok so October was awesome.

November (BOOM!) I totally blew the budget. Long-awaited purchases (read: underwear, socks, socks, a comforter for Rita, baskets for holding Tyler's gaming equipment and Rita's toys, etc.). Y'all these purchases aren't like I went and bought a computer (ours works 80% great). Our budget is just tight and now this massive dog we have literally eats and eats more and more. It's sorta scary. Like, is the dog worth it? I know that's controversial. Moving on. 

And now you're like...

Um, Sue? Pardon me, but did you notice we're still smack in the middle of November?

Oh yes dear. I'm quite aware.

My sweet husband. I just know my irresponsibility really brings him sadness and stress.

Girls, if your ability to spend within a set amount is like mine, then do something about it. Because when you are married one day, you do not want the OVERTIME your husband works to be the money that covers your bad choices.

Wow, this is like way deeper than I meant to get.

Apologies. You can totally click the little red "x"in the corner. I understand.

So if you're still there, I HAVE A RESOLUTION!

I am not going to spend money unless Tyler tells me that I have to. That I must load our kiddos in the car, drive to destination of his saying and purchase whatever he says.

For 22 days.


I was in the check-out line last night and I thought...I need Tyler's help. But he can't tell his wife no (BECAUSE HE IS THAT MUCH OF A PRECIOUS WONDERFUL SWEET MAN IN LOVE *swoon!*). So, instead of telling me no - he has to be the one to say "yes, we need, now go and get x, y, z"." 

I will certainly let you know how this goes.  Is it funny it has been TWO years that I have been pursuing submission and I'm justjustjust starting to get a glimpse into how horrid I am at it? Maybe. Whatever it is, it's true.

On that note, here are the specs:
  • no online purchases
  • no Christmas shopping
  • no grocery shopping
  • no shoe shopping
  • no
  • no
  • no
I certainly have an issue with hearing "no," so pray for me will ya? It's gonna be a great way to start Advent. I just know it. :)

Why through December 10th? In the line at the grocery yesterday I said a prayer and asked the Lord to help me...and December 10th jumped into my brain. So, there you have it.

  • I exercise more
  • We visit family more
  • I bake more (Christmas gifts - I'm thinking yes!)
  • I spend more time with kids
  • I read more
We will see. How much has spending been consuming me? Time will tell.

Happy Tuesday!!!!! Go! Make a goal! Challenge yourself! This is it! Today, now. It's your life. 
Live awesome and amazingly!

To my husband,
I will never be able to put into words the disappointment and simultaneous forgiveness that was in your eyes as I yet again confessed to reaching beyond my boundaries, letting the tidal wave of discontentment crash over my soul.
Please forgive me.
I want nothing more than to bring you happiness and joy and the hope of life-everlasting.
You are my lover and soul-mate.
For your kindness and forgiveness and undying love, I am forever grateful.

Saint Matthew, pray for us!


  1. I may be biased as I consider my dog "my baby girl", but yes, the dog is so worth it! We realized dog food was much cheaper on Amazon (Prime + Subscribe & Save) than buying it at PetSmart. Just a thought in case you haven't already checked! Oh and we bought this massive box of treats for like $9 that will last well over a year.

    1. Thanks Jen! I checked Amazon in...August...maybe, I don't quite remember when but it wasn't even on there. We joined Sam's in the meantime and I saw that they have it but I keep forgetting to price check. I'm pretty sure it will be more affordable and if not - hoping Amazon pulls through. And treats! That's super brilliant. Our current issue is rawhides (controversial, I know) and toys. He's an 85lb puppy, 10 months and teething like crazy crazy. We spend so much on chewable things for him, in hopes he doesn't snatch our shoes or something off the counter (because he is that tall!). I'm off to scour Amazon for toys and rawhides so when Tyler says, "Marley (I know! same name!!!!) needs more rawhide," I can be ready at bat. Thank you, thank you!

    2. Aw, Marley is a a good name :) At least y'all were the smart ones to use it to name a boy dog (I totally wish we had spelled it Marlie since she's a girl. Oh well.) I wish I had suggestions for the chewing but my dog is less than a third that size LOL so we don't have that problem!

    3. Ha! He is named for Bob Marley, so we just went with that spelling. :)
      Thanks girl! Found out Sam's has 15 bones for $15 and the BEST deal we had found was $10 for five bones at Target. You made me research and I'm so grateful!!!


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