Sunday, October 13, 2013

Monday (almost) Musings

This post is brought to you via pregnancy insomnia! 
My adorable children. Oh my heart!

So many random tidbits to share:
•Chickens have been sold to family members. Bless their hearts for being so sweet and willing to help us out by taking my feathered friends from me. Too much. Just too much with baby number three coming. They are in better hands!
•Our house is for sale!!! Please contact me if you are interested!!!!
•"Morning" sickness and cooking repulsion lingers. Let's all pray I'm back to normal soon!
•Jo is walking!!! (As of turning 13 months old).
•Jo said "Jzus" (Jesus) for the first time at mass on St. Pio's feastday. 
•Rita is amazing. She is so fun and silly! "Momma, I's your fwiend (friend) and yours my fwiend!"
•A tablespoon of camomile tea before nap time does wonders for cranky toddlers and teething babies. 
•This article: It's definitely a sanity-providing article!
•Zoo membership for Christmas: suggest that to family! We are so grateful for ours!

Happy week to you!


  1. Dang, girl, you got stuff going on! I'll keep you and the fam in my prayers :)

    And I was TOTALLY going to ask either my parents or Logan's for a zoo membership for Christmas. Glad to hear it's worth it!

    1. Thank you Jen!

      Yes! SO so so worth it! I really try to have a weekly routine. And to have an outing at the zoo each week is just so very fun!


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