Thursday, July 18, 2013


If you have hopped over Intentionally Simple  welcome to my humble little space!
As the archives show, this is just my journey into marriage, motherhood and, God-willing, into sainthood.
Thanks for coming by! Stay a while, maybe with a delicious cup of hot coffee...and if its already cold just throw in a few ice cubes and make it an iced coffee!  It sure is hot enough for something cool!

Relax and kick back and enjoy your time here!


  1. Precious PRECIOUS shot!!!

  2. Reading this as I'm sipping on my iced coffee!

  3. I have been obsessed with iced coffee this summer- even going as far as working on coffee syrups! :-) We switched to jars as glasses when I got frustrated with how often the other glasses were breaking, too. Those jars will stand up to anything!

    1. Look at you fancy Nancy syrup pants-y! :) Whats the best one so far? Blog post on how to do homemade syrup?!?!? pllleeeaaassseee!!!! :)

      They do! Rita "cleans up" for me = throwing dishes into the sink. If it survives that multiple times a day than it has my respect!


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