Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I thought there was a mouse dying in our kitchen last night. Too afraid and too tired to leave bed I fell back asleep.

Then, this morning me and T woke up to the same sound.

Yep, Luna had her kittens!

One died before we awoke (I guess that's what I heard in the night...nature is tough).
But here this afternoon there are six living. Two are fat fat fat on milk already the other four look very malnourished. I've noticed a couple don't seem to understand the concept of latching on. They root everywhere but don't quite get it.

We have decided prior to birth that we will let Rita keep one and since she keeps referring to them as "Yuna's baby kitty cat opossums" Im thinking the one we keep will be called opossum. :)

Jonah is talking so much, especially loving "all done" and "mama" and "more" and of course "dadadadada!" And nearly walking!

Life is good.

Praised be The Lord.

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