Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Handy Dandy Compost Bin (Until You Make it to the Outdoor Compost Pile)

Hoping you are all well!  I have a very quick post for you.

We were having a bit of a predicament with our scraps for our compost pile, but then a genius idea hit.  I took a ready-to-be-recycled vinegar container, cut out the top (except I left the handle), and now I don't have three or four bowls to coordinate along with a dog and two children when we head to the backyard.

I'm able to reuse a container, save counter space, and simplify the crazy task of going outside.

After three weeks of use, this vinegar container is ready to be recycled.  It is a bit stained from the scraps and I didn't want mold spores living in the porous plastic (although I did wash or rinse with vinegar after each compost trip).

It has been so helpful! I have tried using a milk jug, but the height of the vinegar jug is much preferable than the square and squatty milk jug.

Happy Tuesday!  Hoping your day has pockets of peace and you are able to laugh deeply and relax.

The last of our cucumber harvest...what delicious eating!

Just starting to enjoy these tomatoes...mmm mmm!


  1. I so need to get on top of composting. It would be so simple. The kids would find it Fascinating! But, it just hasn't happened, yet. It's creeping up the to do list, though!

    1. It is SO easy. The chickens LOVE rummaging through there and honestly I have caught our dog in there too, and of course today Rita joined the dog who was joining the chickens. Just to say you might end up with a block party in your compost corner...or just be better than me and have a compost container, not just a general dump area. Enjoy the fertile ground!


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