Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Pretty view from our VERY quick retreat to the beach this summer, well...retreat with kids!
So, Becky wrote a great post about running and Abbey is a serious #motherrunner and so, heck, with me wanting an outlet and my sweet hubster encouraging me to exercise, I have been going for a job two or three days a week.  This has been so wonderful and I've learned a few things about myself.  (I have been a jogger/runner on and off throughout my teenage and adult life...I played soccer as a youth and I guess, like mathematics, running began to grow on me, so I'm hoping this is a start to adding something new into my life.)

1. I am more likely to be successful if I have a tangible, concrete goal, rather than a timed goal.  So when my husband challenged me to run two laps (a mile) around the pond, I did, without blinking an eye.  If he had asked me to run non-stop for 20 minutes I would have gone batty, checking my phone every few minutes and surely slowing down to a power walk only seven minutes into my run. 

2. Running after supper (works best for our schedule) is great motivation to eat just what I need and not much more.  If after my "ep-cer-cise," as Rita says, I am hungry then I allow myself a snack (or a beer or a glass of wine...I think I choose a beer most often, what can i say?! I told you I'm learning about myself)

3. Because of #1 I CANNOT look at the time except right as I start and right as I finish.  I get so hung-up on how much time has or has not passed otherwise, so, I have stopped with letting the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland haunt me.

4. I'm so paranoid...I get so creeped out by any car that passes me.  I'm so lame! Bonafide chicken!  But the little girl inside of me just wriggles and writhes.  I told you, I'm lame.

5. I love running without music.  I get so hung-up on if the song is really my thing or not at the time and I over-think the lyrics and analyze the length of the song trying to figure out how blasted long I have been torturing myself running...and really, maybe, I just need some silence.  *Notice, Rita has entered the toddler-hood of endless questions.  We are working on her asking a question once and waiting in (brief) silence for the parent to process and respond to the question...minimal success, but success is good!

6. Showering or not having the time to shower more than once in a day because you are a stay at home mom and "ep-cer-cise" makes you need to shower, and maybe even shower again, is not an excuse to stay sedentary.  I have thrown this argument at Tyler and really, it's so lame...even Auntie Leila has something to say about making time for a shower

So maybe, as my husband, and Becky and Abbey did for me, this will inspire you to get active in a way that meshes with your personality and state of life.  *cheers* (Yes, you can totally have a second beer for me!)


  1. You are awesome! I'm so proud of your running-ness! :-) I hear you on the silence. I have needed some of those runs. Every once in a while, I've wondered about running to one of those atmosphere noise things- like "woodland crickets" or "ocean waves" or something along those lines. But, if you're already running around a pond I can see how that would be unneeded.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Becky! It's so liberating to CHOOSE to take care of myself. So fantastic.
      "Woodland crickets" hahahahha!!! Such a cute idea! I can't stop giggling about this!

  2. Good girl!!!! How awesome for you! There is nothing better than a good stress release and somewhere I think I read a beer after a run is good for you? or not. I might be making it up. Either way, cheers!!

    1. Thank you! Yes yes yes to the stress release! If you *think* you read it I will take it a step further and support you claiming that a medical journal states that a beer after a run is good for you ;)


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