Thursday, June 6, 2013

Whole 30 Experience {phfr}

PRETTY: Lacto-fermenting Swiss chard stems
Remember this post?

Well, a year later I finally went to the end of ends and did clean, whole food eating via Whole30 for 50+ days.

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I can say that I had a HORRID sugar addiction.  Like, mean, angry, hateful, give me that cookie dozen of cookies or else!!!!  Bingeing on ice cream (hello 1/4 gallon of ice cream for breakfast) eating an entire loaf of homemade bread, myself, in one day, with a generous 4tbsp of butter to go along, etc. were weekly happenings.

My sugar addiction rolled into carb land and bam! no surprise I was battling yeast imbalance for so, so long.

Some weeks into my life, post-Whole 30 and me and Tyler are both itching to do another.

But truly, I'm fine with having GOOD cheese, yummy milk, homemade grits, a bit of local rice, you know, REAL food.

I know my passion is organic and local.  Sometimes I lean towards organic more, but often I'm just happy to put back into our Louisiana economy.

Whole 30 was awesome but if sweet potatoes are your only carbs and you want to eat local, you can be up a creek if it isn't the Fall...just a thought.

Growing our own food doesn't get any more local and I can choose organic seeds/plants which is awesome.  Just today I harvested the first batch of organic cucumbers (eight) and a reusable shopping bag full of organic Swiss chard.  I'm praying the patron saint of gardening helps our tomatoes to be plentiful and healthy this season, as well as all of our veggies.  My sweet husband is long due for homegrown tomatoes.

Local and organic and home-grown all lend towards whole food eating, and that makes me HAPPY.

I'm trying out a lacto-fermenting recipe for Swiss chard stems.  Hoping Rita likes this "pink food!"

Anyway, I really loved Whole30.  It was a great "reset" and having Tyler join me was such a blessing!

MORE HAPPY: First harvest! Swiss chard already de-stemmed and two cucumbers were still lost in chard oblivion in the sink.


  1. Your "pink food" looks so pretty! I would love to try growing things like Swiss Chard but I am afraid I am the only one who would eat it around here.

    1. Thanks Amanda! I'm pretty excited about, we just have to wait a month. :) Swiss chard works great as an alternative to spinach. I just chop is in square-ish pieces and toss it with a bit of dressing and garnish with dried fruits and nuts and wa-la! A salad!

  2. I am so impressed! I looked at the Whole 30 and keep thinking I should try it but just haven't gotten it together to do it. Add the garden and the chickens and I am in awe! :-)

  3. :) You generous soul!
    It's funny that a regiment so basic can seem so overwhelming...that was so ironic for me at the beginning. Oh those dear chickens are YOWELING, nearly, for food right now, and Rita is scaling the box on the table to attempt to reach something to eat. Thanks girl!!


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