Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pain Motivates

This might sound like an intense post.  It is really just one that is long overdue!

So, since I was eight months pregnant with Rita I have been at battle...with my self, sort of.

I've been battling CANDIDA! AH!  Yeast, trush, you name it however you want but it has been a looonnngggg battle.  Guess what?  I'm losing!  Know why? Lack of self discipline.  Yep.  Laziness.  I don't want to think harder about eating more veggies and learning to ferment foods so they give my body probiotics.  I don't remember to buy probiotics when I run out.  I don't want to stop eating delicious yummy baked goods...BLAH BLAH BLAH.  SO dumb, I know. 

So cyberworld,  here I am.  On the feast of St. Valentine, for love of this one body God has given me, for love of my family, for the love of obedience I am committing myself to ingesting only things that bring life to my poor exhausted candida overgrown self.  Ok, it's not that dramatic! :)  But the pain I have been in lately has made me move out of laziness and into action.  Praise the Lord for tough love!  He knows it speaks to this chic. 

Have you battled candida or anything of the sort?  Let me know!  I would love advice, support, etc.

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