Friday, May 24, 2013

Embarrassing. True. Moved to action.

As stated in the title this post is true. If you feel like being judgmental and uppity, move along.

There was a real predicament in this one toilet home this morning.

A pooping toddler (if you have/had one, you know, a minimum of 15 minutes) and a momma dancing patiently in the bathroom. So something had to be done. I grabbed the "little potty" and found much needed relief. (I'm laughing, laugh at or with me, freely!)

I did.

Pathetic, maybe?

But with Jonah now pulling up to standing and having four teeth, we will have four potty-needing people before I can blink, as that's how rapidly life seems to fly.

So I'm thinking we need to sell (or rent?) this home OR add a toilet. But since we talk of moving maybe this is God pointing-out (in a very simple and basic way) that it might be time for action? Can you pray with us for clear discernment and grace to see God's will, please?!


Off to fix lunch and do laundry.

Happy Friday!!!!

P.S. Is it lame that I feel like every post can be classified as "misc."? What does that say about my organizational skills?
That I'm totally lacking, yo?


  1. I will be happy to pray for you! And, no, I think you just think in a way that can't be bound by mere labels!

  2. Too funny! I think I would have done the same thing in your situation :)

    As for "misc" posts - I am finding myself in the same boat lately! I try so hard to make sure I label posts well usually! I think it just reminds me that life is so random when you have little ones that you just go with the flow and have a "misc" life!

    I will keep you in my prayers and hope you find a clear path to your next steps regarding your home!


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