Thursday, June 20, 2013

{phfr} (and resurrecting milk kefir)

7% battery now - no time to check tag for name!
Wow! I love this online journal/space what have you that I keep.  Just wish I was here more.  Moving on!
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Pretty yellow flowers in our front bed.  I aim for edible landscape but these were too pretty to not have. haha! Actually they are off of the deep almost dead clearance rack at Lowe's from a couple of months ago.  And I do aim for edible/purposeful and I guess beauty has a great purpose, but I tend to be more practical.  Anyway!  Gosh I'm a bit sassy! But computer battery at 8% and I type now or never so no deleting! Again, anyway: Aren't they pretty?

A friend of our was ordained a priest! Yippee!!! It was so amazing so amazing to receive a blessing from him and hear him speak the words of consecration.  Awesome.  Praise you Jesus!

Family blessing.

The kids while "we" bake bread.  It's a ROYAL mess that makes Tyler's skin crawl...poor dear! But it is lots of giggles and yeast-y feasting on raw dough!  The chic is crazy! And I LOVE you that way my sweet Rita!  I eat up all of your silliness!

Yeast anyone?
Bliss.  Pure Bliss.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the floured eye lashes.  That precious baby boy of mine.

Ninja baking skills!


Does your milk kefir look like this? Sad, disgusting, pathetic, etc.?

Does it illicit girlish and squeamish comments from your otherwise very manly husband?

Yes, it can be remedied.

Carefully.  Oh so carefully.

So that you can save your kefir grains for a time when life is a bit more quiet (and the heat isn't rapidly culturing your milk at 4x the speed it happens in winter).

1. Strain the kefir, as I've taught you.

2. Put just enough milk into the fresh jar to cover the grains.

3. Cover.

4. Label so that you don't wonder why on earth there is a jar with milk in the fridge when you are cleaning your fridge, and throw it out...

5. Put into the refrigerator for safe keeping.


  1. First time to your blog. How exciting that your friend became a priest! Congrats! And your children are adorable!

    Now to google what kefir is...

    1. Thanks chica! Yes we were on retreat team in high school together...and years and years later I am married with a beautiful family and he is a wonderful priest! So much grace! Thank you. I agree our kiddos are pretty amazing!

      Mmmm kefir is a yummy-licious probiotic drink. More strains than yogurt! :)

  2. I love the cute little littles! I'm pretty sure the flower is a lily- maybe a day lily. And, yes, pretty is worth it! :-) And, wow, a priest buddy! How cool!

    1. Thanks Becky! Ok so I have totally looked at that plant four times and four times I have told myself what the tag reads so I can "go 'tell' Becky what it is..." and I have forgotten again! Not a daylily, but I thought that was a guess good as any. :)
      I'm so glad to have the affirmation for doing things for the sake of pretty and sake of enjoyment. Sometimes with our attempts at frugality I think we sort of smother celebrating life just a bit.


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