Friday, June 14, 2013

When Co-sleeping Causes Foot-in-mouth Mornings

Y'all this morning (yes, it's only 8:42 as I type) needs a redo button.

Sometimes I really wonder if I would be a better momma if I wasn't nursing and co-sleeping. 

I'm just so exhausted, and I know I should just try to get over it but oh geez louise... come on!

Took the kiddos swimming for 90+ minutes yesterday morning, had lunch, and then....(I know, the epic nap all expect, right?)
Jonah took all of a 90 minute nap (mostly normal) and Rita didn't nap, until 6:15pm when we were on the way to dinner at a friend's. Oh yie yie yie.  We hoped that maybe she was done for the night but then about 7:30 little miss popped those pretty eyes open and now we aren't surprised that at 11:00pm she was still going strong, are we?  SO this morning I get up to try and do a kind and sweet deed of baking yeast bread rolls for the company dinner at Tyler's work today, but did you know I realized at 9:00pm last night that I bought the WRONG flour.  Oh, yes, I did.  BUT I tried to be positive since yesterday afternoon and evening and night was not nearly as relaxing as I hoped for.  So, there was little Jo sleeping in our bed (he comes in about 5:00am and commence nursing marathon), but the source of endless milky comfort was not (!) there (!) because she was trying to be a good wife, so, Jo who sleeps usually until the eight oclock hour was UP UP UP for 7:00, crying, angry, grouchy, etc. etc. which woke up princess right about 7:45.  Do the math peeps, 11:30-7:45 aint no where near twelve hours, heck I would have been elated with ten hours for Rita, but alas, the child who has never really enjoyed sleep strikes again and our second interaction of the day is her attempting her sideways slap of I'm-swinging-my-arm-and-if-I-hit-you-then-goal-of-hitting-without-hitting-accomplished and do you know I hauled ms thing back into her room and closed the door because hello early-morning all to myself so I can be a sweet wife is BACKFIRING I mean, hello, it's not like I'm doing anything bad...can a girl just have a cup of hot coffee with milk (except of course we are out of milk) and do her baking for her hubby in the morning before utter chaos? Apparently no, because here I am, two hours later, blogging with a sleeping baby (FINALLY!) in my lap and sipping a milk-less cup of cold coffee.
He really is so precious...


Ok, ok, I get it.  The sleepless will be all worth it. 

So, Happy Friday.

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