Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweet Dreams and Good Mornings (A Chicken Post)

14 days old

It's funny that you dream, dream, dream as a child.

Then as an adult you chase, chase, chase (for the majority of people).

So, we've been working on living, living, living.

And creating the life that we both dreamt of.

Which leads to the most current event:

Rhode Island Red chicks!

So far I'm enjoying having chicks so very much.

I love (confession of a nerd) order, rules, regularity, etc.

Thus, knowing that every morning we tend to the chicks, and every evening we tend to the chicks, I can sort of order my days.

Taking care of our kitten is so much more simple than a dog (which we haven't had for over a year now).  It doesn't weight my day or alter my schedule.

Keeping chickens (and we are only three days into it) is very helpful in implementing a daily rhythm.

I think I'm starting to see how the larger our family is, the more naturally a schedule will come.

We are keeping chickens mainly for eggs and although my Rhode Island Red chicken-raising relative is doubtful four hens will provide us with enough eggs, I know that starting small works best for me.

Rita delights in these "tiny baby chicks" and Jonah delights in his yelling, running, squealing sister.
It's amazing how life begets life.  And joy begets joy.


  1. Love this! Yay for baby chicks (and fresh eggs in a few months!!)

  2. That is just the most darling picture of your daughter and the chicks.


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