Sunday, March 10, 2013

WIWS (Touching on Lent)

This week WIWS is brought to you by the time change! Which somehow helped us get to mass in time for the homily!!!!  (That's a huge deal. Really.)  Rita and Jonah were, considering age, a-mazing!

So I tagged some sistas for the Five Things Thing! Can't wait to hear what they have to say!

Our kitchen is the common place for WIWS photos, don't ask.  Maybe because I spend so much time there? And it's mostly my favorite place in the house?

This week I wore a sort of "style" uncommon to me - using a dress as a skirt.  It worked out well enough.  I'm really trying to shop my closet and come up with new ideas as I work on getting healthy.  Someone I know used to always say she never knew what size she was postpartum, and I always thought that was so odd.  Now I totally get it.  It's difficult to know, and sometimes just because it works one day doesn't mean it's going to work the next.  But, since Jo has passed six months (and is coming up on eight, wahh!) it is getting much easier.

Here's the line-up for this week: 

Dress (skirt): Merona 
Undershirt: Local thriftstore (but Target's maternity line)
Top: Goodwill (but Ann Taylor Loft)

Pearls were my Granny's! Tyler had them restrung for me.  It's so special!
Shoes came from my mom's closet, and then she donated them to me for keeps!  What a blessing!

I'm just realizing I also wore faux pearl studs, which are from Tyler.  They're mighty cute, just trust me.

Sandals!  Come on summer!
Heirloom pearls.
Kitchen coolness!

This Lent God has been bringing me through so much of myself and it's really incredible to learn so much about who I am, how I work, what doesn't work for me, etc.  Most of all I'm beginning to truly understand that God is holding me in the palm of His hand, just showering love and mercy on me.  I just need to turn myself towards Him and allow myself to be loved.

Have a blessed week and check-out the fashionistas at Fine Linen and Purple!

And many thanks to my sweet hubby, who is cleaning the kitchen (I hear pots and pans clanking) and playing with our kiddos so I can have a bit of momma time.  I'm so so blessed!  


  1. Sandals! That's the second pair I've seen on the link up. I haven't mastered the dress-as-skirt, but I wouldn't have known you were rockin' it if you didn't mention it. Looks like a skirt to me!

    1. Girl, Louisiana is WARM, like 70 degrees. I wear sandals almost year round!
      SO glad I pulled it off! Thanks! I have an aunt that used to do it all the time and always looked adorable!!! It was my first attempt.. whew!

  2. I heart your shoes! love them!

    1. Thanks! I can take no credit - found in mom's closet and then she gave them to me! :)

  3. Love the dress/skirt and color of your shirt together...the shoes are awesome, super mama score!!

    1. Thanks girl! I love vibrant colors. Yes, I'm so pumped I don't have to purchase shoes for the summer!


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