Saturday, March 9, 2013


Yippee! I've been tagged in the "Five Things Thing" fun that is the rave these days! Thanks to Mary Kate!

I'm totally unsure how to do this! Mary Kate said five things about herself.  Jessica talked about five interesting things.  Dwija did a medley and said some about herself and some about other things.

So, here goes!

How's about a bucket list update?

1. Always dreamt of being a coffee barista.  Accomplished that in college, Bingo!

2. I truly asked God that if I HAD to get married (long story, involving YEARS of wanting to enter the convent) to let me marry a guy who plays piano.

BAM!  My sweet Tyler is a fantastic musician and fills our home with lively, thoughtful, and mysterious sounds.

3.  For an entire year I wore only skirts.   It was pretty rockin'.  I sorta miss it.  But sometimes with two babies skirts can be quite conducive to lots of immodest exposure.  Shout-out to all the other moms who have had their children yank their skirt down in public.

4. I'm totally (currently) obsessed with getting a dog to raise with our kids.  It's ridiculous, I know.

5.  (a.) Along the lines of furry creatures, I dream of owning our own goats and making goat cheese ourselves (and eating TONS of it. Oh, goat cheese...I could just eat it every day)!  Commence my explaining that we currently have 1/5 of an acre... Ok Ok Ok! God totally has us in the palm of His hand.  And He knows what is best for us!

There you have it!

So now for five tag-ees:

Becky, Adrienne, Amanda, Victoria, and Shelley

Oh how I miss the small, delicate baby that Rita
 was just over two years ago.  So tiny.
We fall more in love with her every day.  
Apologies if I'm double-tagging!

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  1. These are awesome! And, we got our pup when our 2nd was 10mos old. Arabella was such a good family dog and she just passed away in December at age 14. We miss her!


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