Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On the Feast of St. Joseph

Good morning!

Yesterday was the wonderful Feast of St. Joseph.

I really really want to celebrate feast days with my children, so I tried to do a few things different on this feast day.

There were strawberry "pancakes" (more of a giant omelet) for me and Rita for breakfast.

I mostly exempted myself from housework, Rita watched a few extra episodes of Curious George and I spent a good amount of time scoping out summer clothes for the kids.

Ideally we would have attended noon mass, but Jo was napping.

We visited grandparents, and had a picnic dinner at the local park. When I opened the fridge in the LATE (ahem!) afternoon to bake the chicken it was still frozen solid. Not cool. So we improvised with a rotisserie chicken (not ideal, but doing the best we can).

On the way home from the park I realized that Rita would be going to sleep early, so we had an impromptu date, thanks to some very special family members!

So celebrating the feast day didn't go quite as I planned (I really really wanted to get up with Tyler but Jo hasn't been sleeping unless he is latched on, which means little sleep for momma!), but by surrendering expectations to Jesus it was still a FANTASTIC day!

Sweet St. Joseph, mirror of patience, lover of poverty, terror of demons, pray for us.

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