Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reading Lists AKA Books On Our Coffee Table (Link-up Love!)

UPDATE: My brain is pan-fried my friends!
I totally forgot to say where I'm linking-up!  HERE with Micaela who blogs at California to Korea.  Check out the other great reads!

Well, in order to keep my reputation of randomness and disorder I'm joining yet ANOTHER link-up! I mean, WIWS, I love you, I have a ZILLION outfits as blog drafts... but my Sundays just POOF! disappear and I've never hit publish.

Moving on.

I'm SO excited about this link-up!


I am so passionate about books.  Maybe obsessive.  Like, I go kinda nuts-o when Rita dumps the bookshelf on the floor every. single. day. But they are just so special and were totally my coping mechanism in middle school and high school!  I could escape and just be myself or pretend to be someone else.  Books, I love you.

So hear are books that we are loving, loving, loving at the moment.  Some need to be replaced with a new copy because pages are missing, but hey, when you have it memorized ain't no worries! Plus, my ole' chum the budget doesn't have moo-lah for books.  So, on to memorizing!

Dr. Seuss's ABC
Dr. Seuss
Classic, timeless, great for learning sounds, articulation, pronunciation, concept of rhyme, and letter recognition

Where the Wild Things Are
Maurice Sendak
Classic, timeless, imaginative, introduces idea of you being in charge of you imagination (hello bad dreams!), emphasizes that discipline does not mean you aren't loved, wonderful illustrations
Rhyme and fantastical dreaming.

Lift-the-Flap Books

Where Can It Be?
Ann Jonas
Great for sight words, memorization for early emergent literacy, interactive, awesome fabric prints (hey-o 1980s!), and sequencing

Where's Spot?
Eric Hill
Sight words, memorization for early emergent literacy, interactive, short (sometimes necessary and very helpful when the baby needs to nurse but toddler needs attention)
The current lift-the-flap books we're loving.

Curious George Board Books (Box Set of Four) 
Margret and H. A. Rey
All of the stories are great, classic, short, one is about opposites and another feelings (we are HUGE Curious George fans - Tangent: I especially love the innocence in the books and the emphasis that he isn't trying to be naughty/bad/disobedient, he is just intrigued to the point of action! This is hard to understand with babies but the more I understand it the easier discipline is.)

Little Loon and Papa
Toni Buzzeo
Recent publication, animals, presence of father-figure, great illustrations

Noah's Bark 
Stephen Krensky
Recent publication, rhyme, animal sounds, legend of how animals have their particular sounds, biblical, wonderful illustrations

My First Songs
Tomie dePaola
Classic nursery rhymes and songs, rhyme (we love all literature by Tomie dePaola)

Other much-loved and often-read books.

We love reading!  Rita is slowly coming into Dr. Seuss, but many of his books don't hold her attention yet.  Curious George and Tomie dePaola are two favorites in our home.  But Noah's Bark wins the cake for being the most loved, most read book.  

Happy Page-Turning!


  1. Suzette, these are wonderful! Where the Wild Things Are is a family favorite, and all the Spot books are super fun for the boys. Although I must admit, many of the flaps are missing in our version!

    Going to check out Little Loon and Papa, and Noah's Bark. Tha is for linking up!

  2. Replies
    1. Haha! Tha sounds so cool though! ;)
      Oh girl I am FOREVER taping flaps, pages and covers of books together. Stock in scotch tape!
      I hope your kids love those two reads, especially Noah's Bark! :D


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