Friday, February 22, 2013


Oh my. I have no life. Really. It's insane.
Rita nearly crawls the walls all day and if we go outside she runs straight for the road. I'm not kidding.
Jonah, despite the ADORABLE photos on Instagram, cries. And cries. And wails. If he isn't being held or nursing.

Oh yes. The teeth monster is wreaking havoc on my delightful baby. Please Lord, give the baby easy teething.

Holy Toledo! Tyler is home early!!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Friend, being a mama is so hard. I hope teeth break through soon and that spring arrives quickly!

    Just wanted to share a blog post with you. I read this last night (after a very rough day around here) and by the end I was in tears.

    Here's a teeny excerpt: 'Now as an adult, I can see that my children have been my training grounds for building godly character in my own life. Jesus wanted me to learn to be like Him so He gave me children.'

    1. Thanks Rachel. It is so hard. Rita teethed intensely for three months before her first tooth. I'm thinking our Jo is on the same track, but only time will tell. :) Isn't it amazing how being outside is so therapeutic. Something about being in God's beauty (and hopefully Spring beauty, as you mentioned) just calms the soul.

      Wow, based on the excerpt I think it will be a PERFECT read. Thanks sweet friend!

  2. I relate to you so much right now! Joe discovered the tantrum, we're cooped up inside and I believe we are also getting some new teeth :(

    Hang in there! This too shall pass! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Oh no! Tantrums and teeth! Wow, you are such a trooper!

      You hang in there too. Thank you for speaking the words of Christ "This too shall pass." And I hope your girl had a great, great birthday. :)


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