Saturday, February 23, 2013

2012 In a "Snap"

Happy Sunday to you! 
You know how life is so awesome when you are together as a family?
(blissful sigh)
I just LOVE Tyler being home.  And so do the kids.

Here's a little something for your Sunday...

This post was part of Dweej's snazzy link-up. I missed it by a month. Haha! So, enjoy this lacking  (I tried to find a January photo but have forgotten to ask family! Sister of mine, please say you have a photo from Januaury 2012 of Rita's birthday!) but adorable sequence of photos.

 2012 in 12 11 Photos

Rita's first birthday!
(camera out of town)

It's a boy!

Tutu cute at 14 months!
San Antonio (and Sea World) for Easter
Donuts for Mother's Day breakfast
Rita's first Wendy's shake!  It was so hot and we were all getting ready for Jonah!
Jonah Girard
7lbs 10oz
Adjusting! And a course of gentian violet...colorful fun!
(Mostly Rita just kisses Jonah...but this picture shows what I call "Eucharistic love" i.e., Rita loves him so much she wants to eat him, which happens on an hourly basis)
Baptism! Welcome, sweet baby.  We are so blessed to have you.

Loving, loving her baby brother, "Jo-Jo."
Thanksgiving afternoon, what a long, fun day!
Jonah rolled for the first time for his cousins and Tyler, on December 30th.
I totally missed it!
But then just yesterday morning (January 2nd) he rolled for me, hooray!
(P.S. He is coming-up on 16lbs!! So exciting!!)
So, just to say, lots of bloggy people refer to "horrible" "fuzzy" "poor" and other negative adjectives when describing cell phone pictures, but really my cell phone is better than our little camera.  So I'm not sorry for my cell phone photos, actually, I'm so very grateful to even have a cell phone that takes next to decent pictures!

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  1. Suzette, I love my cell phone pics, too and I think yours are just great!!! That said, I miss my "good" camera and look forward to getting it repaired this spring...I hope! blessings!!


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