Thursday, February 14, 2013


So there are approximately 477347842466 topics I want to brain-dump about. But there is neither time nor energy nor reason (me, be reasonable?!, I will explain...) for me to. But I will do what I can!

And I guess I might as well do my first 7QT!

1. Twitter!!!!!!! Not forgotten. Missing my sister-ship in that space of cyber world.

2. Oh. My Gosh.
Learning I have a serious addiction to food. Yep. Especially sugar or ANYTHING that imitates it. Even sometimes fruit. So I guess the addiction is sugar. Time will tell.

3. I'm SO OH MY BLOW MY BRAINS EXCITED THAT ADRIENNE IS MOVING TO TEXAS!!!!! My across the ocean to one state away!!!!! Let's get that conference going #pray2lose sistas!!!

4. I LURV olive oil.

5. We had a Valentine homemade steak dinner with green beans and kabobs on the side. All for under $25. Frugal. Delicious. Healthy. Fun!!

6. I realized today that I am a Valentine's Day dork!!!! Rita and I had a blast saying "Happy V/Balentine's Day!" To each other all day long. Rita also says that all the time. As in "Kitty-cat Luna eat food All. Day. Long."
Or "Rita play outside, All.Day.Long." Or maybe you prefer "Rita eat blueberries All.Day.Long!" It's hysterical and adorable.

7. Cloth covered bums. I'm breathing easier. My conscience is eased. I'm so happy. So happy. I have even been jolly while dunking and swishing!!!

I DID NOT link-up for 7QT cause, hello yo that was Friday and its already Monday. Pl


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    2. Thank you Jen! Your little guy is a cutie-pie too!


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