Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sour Cream Made Simple

My husband and I have marveled (in the distant past) at fast food Mexican.  How on earth is their sour cream not globs of dollops smeared to death? In our casa de mal comida Mexicana the sour cream is pretty much the biggest flop, every time.  But not tonight!!

Maybe it was the creative juices of Tolkien flowing in me after our date to see The Hobbit (Yes! Loved it! Did you see the sweet pic of me and my most amazing husband? No? Get on twitter and insta-steal and find me!) but as I assembled tacos at 9:45pm I had the most brilliant idea to do sour cream a la icing technique.

Total success!!!!!!

How I executed this task:

  • sour cream
  • a utensil
  • a plastic ziploc bag 
  • a pair of scissors.
Stuff desired amount of sour cream in bag.

Squeeze down into bag, near one bottom corner or another.

Snip the tiniest corner off of the bag.

Serve-up icing-style on your comida muy bien Mexicana.

Cheap-o (and still tasty) sour cream and the sour cream "icing."

So impressed!

This simple invention, of sorts, made taco night much easier (no broken shells), less messy (no attempted utensil and then resorted to finger smearing), and fun!

Maybe you totally already do this.  If so, sorry!  I often find the most obvious of things much later than the average bear!

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