Monday, January 7, 2013

WIWS (What I Wore Sunday) First Go-Round

(I'm late!!!!!!)
So you and every other link- up lovin person can witness to the side hair-do and chunky bracelet that had me swayin' with a little more sass than before.  Of course the super cute baby is also a total confidence booster.  I mean, he is pretty dang cute and I proudly brought that potato into this world!
Yes, that's a pink know, second child!

My gradmother's famous gaudy jewelry which I love to sport!

Hello link-up world! How's about my Target fleece to add some glamour?!

The Vintage Pearl Christmas gift from the BEST HUSBAND EVER

Oh pashmina, how I love thee.

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Raised eyebrows courtesy of just having cleaned vomit after Rita ate cat food.  All is well.

Fleece: Merona, Target Famous (given)
Black baby-doll tee: Salvation Army Thrift
Skirt: Merona, Target's second shout-out (gifted)
Shoes: Merona, third shout-out (gifted)

Necklace: TVP
Bracelet: Mom's jewelry chest last time I visited
Pashmina: somewhere in Italy (gifted)

Join the Jesus-lovin' fashion fabulous at Fine Linen and Purple!

This totally had me a bit more excited for mass.  "Yippee!" as Rita says.  Join in!!! (peer pressure!)


  1. You're too cute! I love Jonah's sweet little face and that adorable hat. And, that turquoise wall and red high chair...gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Rachel! Jonah ...sigh...melts my heart, that chunker! A friend from our birthing class made that hat - used for Rita and now for him! It's been a great blessing and so very warm for those little heads.
      We love our wall too :) And the highchair was my Dad's growing up (he's one of seven) - how cool is that?!

  2. Love the jewelry! And the shoes. I really want a pair of shoes like that but they are hard to find in wide width. You look great. I wore a very similar outfit on Sunday. Without the scarf because I am not that fashionably talented. :)

    I also love the turquoise and red.

    1. Hi Rachael! Welcome!
      Thank you! Wide width...I have been there girl! Maybe Amazon? They are really good (in my experience) about returns if needed. Fashionably talented...ahaha!! You're too sweet! I'm a fashion BOMB waiting to go off - no talent there whatsoever. I tend toward the peasant/gypsy/kiddish mangled style, so my husband, mom and sister help me to stay away from outfit nightmares :)

  3. Your jewelry is so fun, and I love the colors of your scarf. You look great!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Had fun actually planning a Sunday outfit rather than throwing on something and running out the door with wet hair (which is my usual method!). :)


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