Saturday, December 1, 2012

In Light of the Fact that I Tend to Overspend

Yep! I admit! Using a cash back credit card with the intention to stay within budget has yet to work for grocery shopping for me! Since Jonah's birth our finances have been in crazy land of I-have-no-idea-what-is-going-on!

So I had given myself the deadline of Thanksgiving as the end of postpartum madness (haha!).

So today I go shopping with cash! Renewed and recommitted to the Big B: Budget!

Advent tomorrow! Our wreath and candles totaled only $8 before tax at Hobby Lobby! Hoping you can put together a simple one for you and yours!


  1. Ahhh the b word! I hate budgeting. We've been doing really well, though, with using cash...but having 5 weddings to attend in a month really messed up our gift budget :( and of course there's Christmas shopping...

    The credit card thing totally made me laugh because I'm making it my goal to get away from using credit cards (even though the cash back is so nice!). I'm thinking using our debit card instead will give us a more accurate idea of what we can afford at any given time. I hope that makes sense? We're so not there yet though...

    Love the wreath! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby!

    1. Eesh! It takes so much commitment. Starting in January we will be saving a little bit from each paycheck for the upcoming Christmas. Hoping that helps us next year as it has this year! Nothing wrong with giving the gift of a holy hour to a couple! My mom taught me that!

      "...will give us a more accurate idea of what we can afford at any given time." Yes! Totally makes sense! It has more of a direct impact.

      Thank you! :)

    2. *And I should say that the debit card fills-in the many times I can't make it to the bank because:
      A. Family has only a set amount of time to babysit
      B. I have the kids and one less stop is one less stop!
      C. I totally forget until I'm in the check-out line

      But yes, since I know that money is being zapped out at that second, I scrutinize what gets put into the buggy and again as I am checking out.


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