Monday, December 3, 2012

Freecycle Sofa

We have had only a love seat for nearly a year! Our original sofa was HUGE and was terribly terribly ill-fitting in our shared living-dining area. So we purchased new (ah!) with cash (yay!) a love seat and have been hoping for an average sized sofa to join the plush party.

In the meantime I had joined Freecycle and daily receive emails from them about items around our area.

Lo and behold one day I saw "free sofa." On further examination of the post I learned that:
A. The home of the sofa was less than five minutes away.
B. The sofa came with a brand-spankin new slipcover!


Can you imagine our excitement when arriving at this sweet aged woman's home that Tyler's co-worker lives next door and used his truck to bring the sofa home for us?! (YAY to not having to have a sofa hanging out of our SUV on the way home!)

We LOVE the sofa! We love the free-ness. It is super comfortable and a gift to this young family. And when Rita smears her blueberry juiced hands All Over, it's no big deal! Cause we know this sofa already has wear and tear.

Do you have any awesome free finds?

Thank you Lord for this blessing!


  1. Awesome! I love hearing success stories like this one!

    1. Thanks Shelley! Hoping you are well and not too cold! I was outside in flip-flops today! Crazy!

    2. We've been in a "heat wave!" It was in the 40s over the weekend - which for us (at least the parents) meant sweatshirts only :) Snow is expected tomorrow and, honestly, I am thrilled. I'm used to a white winter and I want to play in the snow with the kids!

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